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Don't waste your time on BAL


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Unless you don't like realism at all, seriously its a fail, when I already thought they would FINALLY fix the completely ridicilous and stupid unlogical transfers happening its even worse now , lmao.

Finished 1st season , fast forwarded through most matches just to test the whole thing and in 1 single season most clubs lost like 1/4th of players and replaced with new ones , here are just a few transfers I could mention:

Rooney - > Bayern M.
Carrick - > Levante
Torres - > Man Utd oh sure..
Villa - > Mallorca ... lmao
Messi - > Boca Juniors WTF?
Bojan&Pedro both left Barca too btw so they actually have 1 forward now
Di Maria - > Boca Juniors WTF?
Julio Cesar -> Real Madrid HUH Casillas and Cesar both at one club? logic?
Ozil - > wtf ... both Ozil and Di Maria that just came left? wtf srsly KONAMI ur so retarded

I could go on but theres no point really, BAL is useless for me now , useless to play with such transfers going on.


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Set your transfer frequency to Lowest and you'll see less transfers.

However, they ARE missing out on obvious things such as rivalries (Liverpool would never sell Torres to Man United, as you are right to point out).

I would not call the ENTIRE game mode useless because of this little thing though. Infact, I'm liking the game-mode a lot.


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Seriously how much effort is it to make rivalries into account and also how loyal the player is to the club and make that affect the transfers jeez..


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Okay, looking at the january transfer window, I'm gonna have to agree that some transfers make little to no sense.

Transfer Frequency set to the lowest possible setting is probably going to be a requirement, if you want some amount of continuity in your team.

Real Madrid has, in half a year, gotten rid of Khedira, Özil, Granero and Lassana Diarra.

Guess they don't need central midfielders much.

BUT... I won't go berserk like some members of this forum and say "omfg pes suck so hard omfg omfg", no no - it's still a better game than last year. Much better.


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Yes i agree .

PES has always been terrible for AI transfers

True however, I have a manager mode with fifa 11 and I am seeing some stupid transfers too.
Like ronaldinho to man utd is a fail.
Man, I hope that both games fix the AI transfers.


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When it comes to transfers I'd like to see club rivalries taken into account. But when you think about it, in continental football, players move between rival clubs all the time. Look how many players have gone from Barca to Madrid over the years, and how many players have played for btoh Internazionale and AC Milan. Its more common than you might think.

Rooney - > Bayern M. - Bayern are a massive club.
Carrick - > Levante - unlikely, but you never know in football.
Torres - > Man Utd oh sure - unlikely but if it was Inter and AC it could be possible.
Villa - > Mallorca ... lmao - you got me there :lol:
Messi - > Boca Juniors WTF? Great players go back to Argentina alot when for what ever reason things go wrong in Europe: Veron, Riquelme etc.

If you think about it, there could be a scenario for most of those in real life.


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Several years into the mode, I ended up in PSG.
Our team consists of players such as Rooney, Kaka, Adebayor, Torres, Pedro, Hleb and Berbatov. We also have Julio Cesar in goal, and Cassilas as a backup. Wrap your mind around that one.

Definetely set transfers to low next time.


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Seriously, your complaints to me is somehow over the top. No offence pls.

Even in the real football world, things do change rapidly and sometimes beyond our belief. Sure the AI does have some strange transfers, but there are many real life examples and to quote few here - Tevez to City? Owen to United?

There are some lower table teams which we think NOW would be a near impossible clubs for some star players to play for, but hey, you can never tell if some mega rich owners decide to buy these clubs right? Seriously, if you will to look at City just few years ago, who would have believe players like Tevez, Toure, Veira etc would appear in the team. Some of you would have probably laugh it off, no disrespect, but that's the truth.

Well, many times we tend to relate these lower table teams to their present state, but without considering things changes over the years. We can't sometimes predict the real life, let alone the AI. To me, i just give a smile and maybe sometimes a "WOW" expression when i see some "unbelievable" transfers the AI generates. But hey, we can never really force out the real possibilities of it happening right?


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I don't like those kind of transfer either
That's why i hope Low Transfer Frequency setting will help me avoid that kind of transfer


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despite the transfer things... i think the game still offering unique game play and enjoyable


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Several years into the mode, I ended up in PSG.
Our team consists of players such as Rooney, Kaka, Adebayor, Torres, Pedro, Hleb and Berbatov. We also have Julio Cesar in goal, and Cassilas as a backup. Wrap your mind around that one.

Definetely set transfers to low next time.

I noticed some mad transfers aswell


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LOL!.... That's true man, I recently went to see who plays on Real Madrid, and I see both Julio Cesar and Iker Casillas (I was like, ok? WTH?). Then I went to the UCL and faced Real Madrid with Cesar being the main GK.


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I set transfers to low, but still there are some very retarded transfers.

Casillas ----> FC Porto
Xabi Alonso ----> Shakhtar Donetsk (wait, wtf?)
Lionel Messi ----> Manchester United ----> Olympique de Marseille
Samuel Eto'o ----> Real Madrid (I play for RMA now, but this is over the top)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic ----> Real Madrid (yeah, sure)
Steven Gerrard ----> Valencia
Paul Scholes ----> Manchester City (WHAT?)


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Messi ---> RMA
Anelka ---> Barcelona
Del Piero ---> Barcelona
Rooney ---> Valencia
Ibrahimovic ---> Arsenal (North London)
Totti ---> Juventus
Sergio Busquets ---> Inter
Kaka ---> Barcelona

Oh well, these transfers are quite scary lol.


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ML isn't much better Man U have Ibrahimovic, Messi and C.Ronaldo back. Still beat the living snot out of them though with my crappy team, but they are the only rivals i seem to have thoughout the season. It's the top 2 the 10-15 points later...everybody else. playing in 2014 btw.