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[FACES] adam13's Face Creation Thread


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please make this face is sambueza from estudiantes tecos

please good faces


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Jesus Fernandez Saez(Liverpool)

hairsyle: medium/straight/69/black

base: 2/5/1/3/-1,4/4/2/-2/2/6/0,0/-1
brows: 5/2/1/-5/-7/2/4/3/4/black
eyes: 11/10/-1/-1/2/-3/0,3/-1/-1/5/-2/-1,-5/bright/6
ears: -4/1,-4
nose: 0,-1/1,-4/-1/-5/1,-2/-2
mouth: 5/2/0/3,2/-3,-2/-4,-1/0
jaw: -2/-3/-2/0


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M'baye Niang(Caen)

hairstyle: Chamakh(Arsenal)

base: 6/7/1/-4/-2,-3/2/-3/-4/0/1/2,0/0
brows: 7/2/1/-3/-1/3/-1/0/3/black
eyes: 11/5/-2/5/4/-2/-1,1/-1/1/2/2/-2,-2/bright/1
ears: -5/0,-2
nose: 2,1/7,1/-4/0/3,-1/2
mouth: 3/-1/-2/-1,-1/-7,7/-4,0/5
jaw: 2/1/1/1


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Great news! :D

Can you do me a request?

Ilya Kukharchuk from Anzhi

Front pic:

Best side pic I could find:

Would be awesome!


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K.P.Boateng(AC Milan)

hairstyle: Macheda(Manchester United)

base: 3/7/2/-5/5,-3/3/-2/2/7/7/5,-1/4
brows: 7/1/1/-7/3/3/-5/-3/4/black
eyes: 15/13/-2/5/2/-4/-2,-7/1/-1/-4/-1/-4,-3/bright/1
ears: -3/3,-3
nose: 1,-2/4,-3/3/-4/4,-2/-3
mouth: 1/-3/-2/-4,-2/3,0/-3,0/-4
jaw: 3/-1/-4/0
facial hair:12/4/black

Next face should be Brinkmann(FC Augsburg)

Just before the march update i found Willians from Udinese with a great hairstyle for Boateng. Unfortunately, if you haven´t base copied him, it´s gone... But if you have, like me, than you have a great Boateng face-hairstyle combo :):)