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Faces by chung1972


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Michael Ballack version 3

I'll post the formula if someone is insterested

The hair is Albert Rirera (SPAIN)


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anybody here has a lilian thuram face formula?

HAIR: Bald
BASE: 6/2/1/-4/-2,-2/-1/+1/-1/+3/4/1,0/0
BROWS: 1/2/1/-4/-1/-2/0/+2/4/Black
EYES: 11/10/-2/+1/+1/-1/-1,1/0/-1/+1/-1/-2,0/Dark/1
EARS: +1/1,-1
NOSE: 2,-4/3,-4/+2/+4/6,-1/+1
MOUTH: 3/-4/+3/3,0/5,-2/2,-1/+4
JAW: +2/+1/-4

Hope you like it


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pls post Michael Ballack formula

HAIR: Riera (Olimpiacos), Capdevila (Villareal), Nasri (Arsenal), Arda Turan (Turkey NT) or Selçuk Sahin (Turkey NT)
BASE: 1/13/1/-2/0,-1/+2/+2/-1/+1/4/0,0/+1
BROWS: 6/3/1/-1/-6/+7/+5/0/3/Black
EYES: 6/4/-2/+4/-2/+1/-2,0/+2/0/+1/-1/-2,6/Dark/4
EARS: +3/-1,0
NOSE: 4,-2/6,0/-1/+1/-4,1/0
MOUTH: 1/-2/+3/-1,2/-1,-3/4,0/-2
JAW: -1/+1/+2
BEARD: 29/3/Black

Homer S.

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Oliver Neuville (PES Shop)

Hair:short/smooth/50/R4 G2 B0
Base: 1/2/5/+3/-1,5/-7/-2/-4/+1/3/6,-1/+5
Brows: 11/2/2/+6/-4/+2/+7/-4/4/black
Eyes: 12/1/-3/-1/-4/-2/-4,-3/+6/-4/-1/-5/3,0/bright/2
Ears: -2/2,-5
Mouth: 7/-3/+1/-4,-1/7,5/1,-1/-2
Jaw: +2/+1/+1
Beard: 25/3/black

Neck lengh: +1
Neck size: +2
24 hours left to vote for your favourite builds this year. Please come and show some love for the builders who've answered your requests and given you the face builds that have made your PES better. There's a link to the thread in my sig.

EDIT: @ faszarolcsi - You could try David Suazo's hair for Earnshaw. I can't build because I killed my Playstation so that suggestion is from memory but it might work.