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[Faces] Face Search Reverse


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maybe it´s a stupid idea.
I know that there a players in the free agents section which have a very good preset face.
So i think it will be nice to use them -maybe for National Teams or club Teams.
A few of them i´ve used in the "Base Copy" Thread-but here are players i haven´t base copied yet.

Hope to find players without preset face for the following:

C.Rodriguez (Argentina) Rossi (Italia)
P.Crouch (England)
D.Srna (Croatia)
J.van Damme (Belgium)
I.Abate (Italy)
R.Montolivo (Italy)
Lucas Lima (Brazil)
Ricardo Goulart (Brazil)
Jucilei (Brazil)
M.Flamini (France)
Y.Gouffran (France)
R.Green (England)
Y.Tokokawa (Japan)
Adriano (Brazil)
A.Raggi (Italy)
M.Andreolli (Italy)
P.Velthuizen (Netherlands)
L.Diarra (France)
M.Pasqual (Italy)
Jonas (Brazil) - i´ve used him for Türüc (Turkey NT),but he has a preset face now
E.Viviano (Italy) - D.Rubio (Chile NT)-i found this a few minutes ago
V.Anita (Netherlands)
G.Paletta (Italy)
M.Olsson (Sweden)
K.Ziani (Algerie)
C.Marchisio (Italy)
Javi Varas (Spain)
Miguel Torres (Spain)
Renan (Brazil) -Piris da Motta (Flamengo/Paraguay NT)
C.Thereau (France)
Bojan (Spain)
Fabio Coentrao (Portugal)
S.Pocognoli (Belgie)
D.Sturridge (England)
A.Matri (Italy)
A.Diamanti (Italy)
A.Büttner (Netherlands)
G.Denis (Argentina)
N.Lombaerts (Belgie)
P.Piatti (Argentina)
F.Tabanou (France)
Rolando (Portugal)
Daniel Carrico (Portugal)
D.Zimling (Denmark)
Sandro (Brazil)
Ramires (Brazil)
S.von Bergen (Swiss)
A.Ramos (Colombia)
Ruben Micael (Portugal)
A.Orion (Argentina)
K.Sigtorsson (Iceland)
Muniesa (Spain)
W.Hoolahan (Ireland)
V.Wanyama (Kenia)
Fabiano (Brazil)
Galvez (Spain)
D.Rolan (Uruguay)
Jonathan Viera (Spain)
Jefferson (Brazil)
Letschert (Netherlands)
C.Yacob (Argentina)

maybe there are more players with preset face.
If you are using one of this players from this list,please write down here which player you´ve given this preset face,then we can delete him here.

How works this method ?
i´m looking for National Teams,which has players without preset face.
I noticed that D.Rubio (Chile) hasn´t a preset face.
I google him to find a good photo of him.
After this i´m searching for a face using this list above.
I´ve noticed that E.Viviano is looking very similar to him.
Now i can base copy him.
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