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[Faces & Kits] Faces by Homer S.

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Louis van Gaal Preview

Can you please post the formula for Van Gaa, Homer?:rolleyes:


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So so cool thank you for your work.

I'm going to say these classic teams as point of suggestion as they were iconic moments in the game as well as there kits. Also please don't think I'm rude.

Colombia 1990 with Heguita losing the ball to milla dodgy kit and hair style
Bulgaria 1994 letchkov header... Need i say more.
England 1990 gazza tears
Dortmund v Juve 97
Ajax class of 1995
Holland 1988 van Basten goal
Germany 1990 voller hair and Rijkaard
France 1986 platini v brazil
Milan 1989 tearing up v steaua
marseille 1993 boli v milan
Barcelona 1992 v Sampdoria
Tottenham v Arsenal 1991 fa cup semi

I hope these teams give you the inspiration to make amazing kits I'm sure u have many thoughts as well.


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Odegaard was created four times....but odegaard is not good created.i like odegaard perfect and odegaard perfect only you can only do your.Please homer


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Homer is there a way for an in experience person like me to b able to convert pes 15 pc kits into ps3 do u have a basic template i could use eg circle collar v collar i have Morocco league in pc format desperate to try to convert to ps3 advice would b welcoming
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