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Fifa 09

Lörd TH

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Release date :3rd Of October 08
Formats : 360,PS3,PSP,Wii,PS2,PC

Demo Availability
Xbox360 : Avaliable Gold Members/Silver Members on 18.9.08
Playstation3 : Available US/EU Store.
The first details have started to trickle in on EA Sports' FIFA 09 from US mag reports.

"Considerable gameplay improvements" are promised for the 2009 instalment, the most significant of which sounds like "increased responsiveness" from passing, dribbling and the physical pushing and shoving that occurs in a game.

Apparently thanks to some excellent and refined animation work, FIFA 09 feels "much faster and more realistic" than previous iterations, and this has "a huge positive impact" on the quality of play.

According to US mag Gamepro, the ball-handler can adjust themselves from falling during a slide tackle "if their non weight-bearing leg is tackled", and goalkeepers can reach behind their bodies if they misjudge a shot on goal.

Team Captains may also cry like babies when a crucial cup penalty is royally scuffed - It all sounds so much more realistic.

As expected, the Be A Pro mode from the last game is in, allowing players to create their own player and gain experience by playing through a series of seasons.

There's more customisation in the ability to mod and create your own specific offensive and defensive play sets, by choosing between a variety of aggression levels and risk-taking. We'll have to wait and see how that one turns out.

Initial impressions of FIFA 09 are all very positive. We're getting the feeling that the relentless PES and FIFA slagging match is about to start all over again...


"ThE liTtlE PhAraOh"
i don't think ronaldo will be on the cover, probably rooney and ronaldinho again. PES might still have ronaldo on its cover.

Lörd TH

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FIFA 09 the latest installment of the top selling football franchise is being developed at EA Canada and is boasting over 251 improvements from FIFA 08. Over two weeks ago the game was shown at the EA Gamers Day. Here are the latest rumours circulating about the game:

- Improved physics system. FIFA 09 has an improved physics system which affects both players and the football itself allowing for beautiful, powerful and deveastating shots and unprecedented levels of realism during a match.

- Improved animation system. The brilliant animation system seen in FIFA 08 is improved upon to include hundreds of new animations for players that further add to the simulation feel of the game.

- New player faces. 3D player modelling is vastly improved and now offers unbelievable similarities to the real life counterparts.

- Increased response times and game speed. Player response times have been increased to increase the flow of the game as in real life, while game speed has been tweaked from FIFA 08.

- Improved graphics, lighting, textures and crowd. Overall graphics have been improved upon once again. Lighting changes in real-time depending on the time of the match. Crowds in the stadium have been redeveloped for the new entry.

- Player height and weight. Player weight and height plays a cruical role in aspects such as aerial challenging and strength on the ground.

- Visible referee, linesman, staff and dugouts. For the first time in the FIFA series referees, linesmen, subs and ground staff are all visible. All have distinct animations such as subs warming up for their arrival.

- Weather options and pitch affects. FIFA 09 now includes weather options such as rain and snow which change conditions during the games progression. In addition the pitch is now affected and becomes more worn during wet matches and slide tackles.

- Increased number of teams and stadiums. As the same during every release FIFA 09 will increase the number of licensed club and international teams as well as their official corresponding stadiums.

- Changes to Be A Pro and Manager Mode. FIFA 09 will bring new changes to Be A Pro and Manager Mode such as camera angles and enhanced options.

- Enhanced online modes. FIFA was the first football game to allow upto 5vs5 online and now this is taken up a gear with full 10vs10 online. Matches now have options for simple 1 player matches, 2vs2, 5vs5 and 10vs10 online games.

- Interactive Celebrations. As seen in UEFA Euro 2008, interactive celebrations will be incorporated into FIFA 09.

- Greatly improved edit mode. Edit mode has now been changed to incorporate a wealth of new options.

FIFA 09 is set to become the ultimate football simulation. New previews will be released along with first screenshots by the end of June 2008.

- Improved Artificial Intelligence system. AI systems have been recoded and act far more realistically. AI now take actions based on the score and change formation as appropriate. Attakcing and defensive measures are used as well as risk assessment.

- Advanced tactics editor. Attacking and defensive styles as well as changes to formation can now be changed on the fly. Risks can be chosen as well as new changes to set pieces.

- Less loading. FIFA is now more streamlined and more efficient and as a result there is less pause and play due to the fewer loading screens.

Recent FIFA 09 news has been seen on magazines and online.
OPM UK reported this:

Whisper it, but we're so impressed by EA's latest that the phrase 'Pro Evo beater' is being bandied around by OPM staff.'

PSM3 reported this:

'EA's latest silences its sternest critic...yes, us.'

In a recent 1up podcast, FIFA 09 is meant to have a revolutionary new feature and was so good it was in for consideration for GOTY.
more details...


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Can't wait for Fifa 09 to come; I love playing Fifa 08 and I'm sure I will love playing Fifa 09 :cool:

Hopefully EA will include most of (if not all) the stadiums of the Premiership teams...


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Haven't got a football game for my PS3.

I might buy it if it is better than PES2009.

But I've never really liked FIFA... all the goals you score look the same.


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By the sounds of the above, Konami are going to have to come up with the biggest of big overhauls to even get close, I really can't believe how good FIFA is nowadays, 3-4 years ago I remember us all laughing at each new release...


It's Supposed to Bubble
- Player height and weight. Player weight and height plays a cruical role in aspects such as aerial challenging and strength on the ground.

It's about time. This is one of PES's strong points. I haven't played FIFA 08, but in all the past versions it simply seemed like there were two types of players: fast ones and slow ones.


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I also hope that they will include the Frequency and Accuracy of using weaker foot. It's quite annoying seeing players that hardly use their weaker foot in real life, but scored a screamer by using that weaker foot.

The Stig

Ronaldo won't be on the cover as he's on PES and probably has a contract with them. Hopefully it will be Kaka and Messi because I'm sick of seeing them two ugly bastards Rooney and Ronaldinho on the front of it.


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Where's the link showing the release date ?
I've checked google but can't find any reference to the fifa 09 release date. Just assumptions from fellow users.