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Formation settings to deal with opponents good passing game


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A friend started giving me hard time after he tuned up his formation settings. He can pass the ball around very well and he can give me pressure starting outside my area.

I am using a 4-2-3-1 formation, I used to play really well using "Possesion game" as my preset tactics but I think i should change some of the formation settings (player support, support range etc)

My opponent plays down the middle, with through passes behind my defensive line

Any suggestions?


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You didnt mention what formation he uses? Use 4-3-3 Your 3 midfielders should all be defensive midfielders and play your 3 strikers high up front. You wont have a lot of possesion but you can defend deep and score on quick counters. Once he loses a few times he will change formation. I watched mourinho do this for chelsea, inter and rmadrid against barca and it worked. I did the same with my mate (who is also good at possesion) and beat him every time.

However if you want to simply have a lot of possesion you should play;
CB,CB RMF,DMF,CMF,LMF,CMF,AMF, SS,SS (Thats how i play with Barca at times end up conceding goals but score more)