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Goal Celebrations PES 2013


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Artistide Bance (Augsburg)

Goal celebration 1:23
Goal celebration 2:95

Jonathan Pitroipa (Stade Rennais)

Goal celebration 1:77
Goal celebration 2:15


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Yesterday I had an another crazy game! :D I had a dream team in PES since 10 years. I played all of Bayern München games. Yesterday I played againts Juventus in CL. My starting 11 was: Neuer - Lahm, Ramos, Marcelo - Özil, Van der Vaart, Schweinsteiger, Müller - Neymar, Klose(C), Donovan
In the earlier minutes Juventus has take the lead cause of Ramos bad defence. After that Neymar's great dribble and Donovan equalized 1-1. Than Ramos made a horrible mistake and Matri scored 1-2. In the second half Buffon saved Neymar's shot but Schweini equalized again 2-2. After that Neuer comes up really bad so Giovinco takes the lead again 2-3. Than Juventus had a corner, I stoles the ball and Donovan finish the counter attack with a goal 3-3. In the final 10 minutes of the game I chaged my tactics to "all on attack". But it was not a good idea. Marchisio takes the lead again 3-4. But in the final minutes of the game I equalized and the goal scorer was the captain Miroslav Klose. :D It was a great game but I realize Juventus is very strong in PES. I can't stole the ball from Pirlo and Buffon saved all of my long shoots.
Sounds like a great match:D
Thanks for the Celebrations;)
BTW I had a very strange result in a match between
Belgium (me) and Bosnia-Herzegovina (The Computer)
Directly with the first attack i scored a goal. then directly 1-2 minutes later a shot from distance, 2-0. Directly after that they scored.
2-1. Only a few minutes later i score again, 4-1 and directly get another one in my own goal:D
and shortly before end of the first half another goal for me
and then after the start of the 2nd half
6-2, then 6-3, then 7-3, 7-4,
final result was


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Hey faszarolcsi!

Could you help me with Goal celebrations for the following players:

Ilan Micanski (FC Ingolstadt / IG at Bulgaria NT)
Alexandru Maxim (VfB Stuttgart)?

Would be great! :)


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faszarolcsi,,,will u update this thread/page with pes 2014 players goal celebration....
i think many user will need those things...
thank you...