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Wow, been a while
After experimenting with the recent installations of PES (19, 20, 21 etc), PES 2017 is still my go to game for good game of Footy!

Anyway, the reason for the post... I have learned something very interesting about the Goalkeepers' stats / abilities...
I have found out that "GOALKEEPING" ability merely stupidly amplifies the CATCHING, CLEARING, REFLEXES and COVERAGE abilities.
And this is why the Goalkeepers fly through the air like Superman with some kind of superglue gloves.
If you reduce the "GOALKEEPING" ability right down to 40... the keepers are truly brilliant in their movements and ability.
This also includes errors from the goalkeepers too. Whether they come too far out of their area, they slip over when the grass is wet... these things are like nothing I have come across in this game even after 6 years!

If you also reduce the "CATCHING" down to 64 and leave the rest as they're meant to be, the Keepers pull off saves like I have never seen in the game before.

Please be aware... the Keepers' overall ratings will drop to below 75 for the very best keepers. However, if ALL Keepers get adjusted, it'll all be relative.

Try it and bloody enjoy it!