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How are you doing in Master League?


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LOL u wanna get conceded?then maybe u should stay on playing on TOP PLAYER difficulty for all games..not switching between 2 top difficulties lol

The only problem then is there will be no difference when facing the top teams.

I switch between the two as atleast then when i have to face teams like Real, Barca, Chelsea or anyone in the top 7 of the league then it makes it a little more difficult than the other games.

But even this method doesnt seem to be working much.


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Another delayed update.. Been busy and haven’t got round to updating.

0-0 Liverpool

4-0 Panathanaikos. Abate(2), Nani, Owen

3-0 Villa. Owen(3)
3-0 Everton. Abate(2), Hernandez
2-0 Arsenal. Abate, Macheda

4-1 Villareal. Abate(2), Hernandez, Welbeck

1-0 Fulham. Abate
3-0 West Ham (cup). Abate, Giggs, Morrison
2-2 Blackburn. Macheda, Rooney

3-0 Ajax. Hernandez(3)

4-1 Stoke. Gam Lang(2), Ando, Abate

4-1 Boca Juniors(came from behind). Hernandez(2), Abate(2)

During the winter transfer window I sold Palmeiri to Inter, Hernandez to Juventus and sold Tomecak to some team too.
Brought in Di Vaio for £15 million, £6.6 million in wages from Ac Milan and like I stated in the last update Ita and Chigrat came in.

3-0 Leeds. Rafael, Ita, Di Vaio
3-1 Swansea. Abate(2), Macheda
2-0 Man City. Welbeck, Abate
3-0 West Ham. Owen(2), Abate
2-0 Cardiff. Macheda(2)

2-0 Bordeaux. Gam Lang, Abate
3-1 Bordeaux. Gam Lang, Bebe, Ando

6-0 Blackpool. Abate(3), Di Vaio(3)
3-0 Newcastle. Owen(2), Abate
3-0 Chelsea. Di Vaio, Welbeck, Abate. (Chelsea this season like Arsenal the last were around 12-14 spot in the table)
1-0 Wigan. Wijnaldum

2-0 Psv. Rooney, Morrison
3-0 Psv. Gam Lang(2), Abate

2-0 Bolton. Gam Lang, Ando

5-0 Chelsea (cup). Abate(2), Macheda(2), Rooney (Couldn’t believe this score line, by this time they had fallen to 15th in the league)
1-0 Sunderland. Abate
1-0 Barca. Abate
1-1 Barca. Bebe

Close call going through to the next round.. Barca and Madrid are definitely the hardest teams to face in the game

1-0 Liverpool. Abate
3-0 Villa. Rooney(2), Gam Lang
4-0 Everton. Mancosu, Wijnaldum, Di Vaio, Rooney

1-2 Man City (Cup Final). Nani
Lost the England cup to rivals City

4-2 Lyon after ET(2-2 before extra time). Bebe, Nani, Fabio, Gam Lang

3-0 Arsenal. Di Vaio, Rooney, Ando
1-0 Fulham. Rooney
1-0 Blackburn. Macheda.. Crazy game 18 shots and only one goal
6-0 Stoke. Abate(2), Bebe(2), Rooney(2)
3-0 Leeds. Macheda(2), Welbeck

So another good season. Won the league and CL as the main trophies. Won the super cup and international club cup.

During the summer Morrison ended up leaving on a free… originally a 1 year deal and because of the glitch involving player loyalty when created the frosty relationship caused him to leave. Wijnaldum in the end was sold on as well.

Promoted a 19 year old CB Ballesteros from the youth. Rated 80 OVR. Promoted the regen of C. Seedorf too rated 76 OVR. Brought in young 19 year old SMF Calleja rated 82 OVR and then agreed a loan move for a year to get Warol. Not sure whether after this season to buy him perm. Who knows.


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Put a young side against Villareal in the dead rubber Champions League group matches and still managed to pick up a 2-0 win with a nicely placed finish from Jonjo Shelvey on the stroke of half time and an absolute screamer from Amoo 10 minutes before time. Also had an offer for Kelly of £4.5m which I accepted and have had an offer of £10.2m for Dirk Kuyt which I have tried to sneak up to £11.5m. Next game is against 8th placed Wolverhampton Wanderers who will be anxious to get back into those Europa League spots having held a Champions League place about a month ago.

Edit: Beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 4-1 thanks to a Hat-Trick from Ibrahimovic and a goal from David Silva. I now have £75m for the January transfer market after completing the sale of Kyrgiakos (£7m), Kelly (£4.5m) and Kuyt (£11.5m). I have already strengthened the squad in terms of SMF's however I may well buy another DMF/CMF and then send Jonjo Shelvey on loan or sell Jay Spearing (Spearing really hasn't improved from day 1 and is well below the level where I can feel confident in giving him a game). N'Gog has developed nicely into a 80ovr CF so he will step up and take the place of Kuyt on the bench. To be quite honest, until Xabi Alonso retires which I am guessing will be next season, there is no real rush for me to buy any new players.

2012/13 Premier League (after 16 games):

Team- Won- Drawn- Lost- Points- GD(if needed)

2.)Manchester United-12-1-3-37
5.)West Ham United-9-3-4-30
6.)Birmingham City-6-4-6-22 (-2)
7.)Blackburn Rovers-6-4-6-22 (-3)
8.)Wigan Atheltic-6-4-6-22 (-3, Blackburn have scored more)
9.)Stoke City-5-6-5-21 (-1)
10.)Wolverhampton Wanderers-6-3-7-21 (-2)

So overall, the most exciting race is for the final Champions League spot and the Europa League places with the Top 3 starting to pull away after Chelsea had some draws which they really should've won!


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2nd season halfway going, begun with ML original players replacing Doncaste so many of players are Doncaster players bought as free transfers.

I'm currently sitting as 2nd in table (a bit too easy imo). Liverpool being number one, and I've only lost twice season.

Dropped out of FA cup by chelsea..again like last season, gonna get them next year :) Goal is to qualify for europa league, but looks like I'm gonna make it to Champions league.

with a huge luck Jeffren dropped to unsigned from Barca, so I snapped him at the end of last season. Otherwise I've mostly transfered only crappy players and players who were transfer listed. (My team ranking is very low).

GKs: G.Woods, Pouplin (bought halfway), Ivarov.
Could do some improvement here, Woods didn't approve my new deal to him so I bought and considered Pouplin to be better than Woods, but he's been inconsistent now.

DEF: Szalai, Palmieri, Schmidt, D.Jensen (from copenhagen), Jiranek (Birmingham drop out).
I could really do with a better left back as Jensen's utter crap. Also I could sell Palmieri / Schmidt for profits so should scout a replacement CB as well.

MID: Oscar, Camacho, Pelaez, Mason, Jeffren, Stambouli
My goal half-season was to get a good DMF, as I sold Jaric and Stambouli is doing it for now.. even being crap, he has a good defence & balance rating so he stops the attacks.

ATT: Sharp, Fairhurst, Nuhiu, Okotie, Jeffren.
Once again strikers are easiest to come by, so I raided free transfers in the end of last season and got Sharp, Okotie and Nuhiu.
Not really known guys, but especially Sharp has a good shot technique which is a great to have for a striker, he's gonna be my Raul ;)

I mostly play 4-2-2-2


Goal for season is to make as much $$$$ as possible to improve team trainers etc for next season. Right now I got already the chinese dude Xiang ying hai etc. but my other trainers could do with some improvement.

Unfortunately i rarely concede... Its a shame and one of my main gripes with the game... The opposition as much as they play and pass a lot... they very rarely shoot and very very rarely score... Something i hope they change for pes 2012... I hope the make the opposition more unforgiving and actually make their shots go on target more and score more... It would make it interesting.

Well said man, well said. Exactly how I feel! I really WANT to concede and be punished if the opponent outplays me. Sadly that isn't the case AI is very bad on finishing it's chances. So I rarely concede at all neither. I wouldn't even mind more scripting when it comes to AI opponent shooting. As it seems to me that AI just shoots from awful positions as being so stupid, they could script so that AI could shoot more easily in varying positions, if they can't code an AI who could actually go to good shooting positions.
Simply put to me it seems often that AI shoots like a PES2011 noob, shooting from bad body positions etc.


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My team can't get any better now - when i do a player search based on overall ability all the top players are mine... Top player with basic setting. Club - boca. Team is del piero, di vaio and tote up front, midfield is requilme, scholes and farinos, back four is bauder something, lucio, sutto and santon and keeper is ceaser sanchez. Bench: harry kewell, veron, inamoto, ang, rane, ita and a lucio clone. Reqelme, sanchez and lucio clone were from my youth squad. All real players are regens apart from santon who's 30plus now... In 2023 i think! All of my first team and most of my bench are over 90.


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just start playing master league. using 2011/2012 squad which i edit myself. I buy Flanagan, loan Cambiasso, loan Danny Wilson and Suso.


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Just started last night (well early hours this morning) with AC Milan. I tell you one thing. Aquillani as an Attacking Midfielder is an absolute beast. Ibra & Robinho up front is deadly also.


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Haven't been able to do much on my Master League save as Liverpool as I have been busy doing my summer work for college after getting my results back. But tonight I am going to resume it. I am not entirely sure who I have next, but I know it's not a Champions League game, and I am out of the FA Cup so it must be a Premier League match, I also know that I have Arsenal and Chelsea coming up soon which could be massive in terms of who finishes in the Top 4, as if I beat Chelsea and West Ham capitalise on that, they will occupy the final Top 4 place.


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Back again after a very long break due to ps3 problems but luckily I didn't lose any saved data.

Into 2nd season now on Top Player with Cooper United and lie in second to strangely enough Blackburn Rovers after 7 games (6wins/1 draw). Got through the first round of the FA cup/ 2-1 v Stoke. So I've already done better than last season when I got knocked out by Man Utd in the first round :p

Best match so far was the 4-1 win over Man Utd in the league. After going down 1-0 Ayasse was sent off shortly after I equalized. Being down to 10 men and still managing to win was quite nice :)

Current Team

Ruskin(68)-Palmieri(87)-Schmidt(71)-El Moubarki(68)
Kieren Gibbs(81)--------------------Shimizu(76)

Some interesting subs are Schwarz (73), Ilucznica(76), Pelaez (72)

What I like about this team is most are under 25yrs with the oldest player being 28 (Ruskin) so there's plenty of time to grow :)


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Turns out the next game was against Arsenal who I beat 1-0, even though Javi Martinez was sent off early on in the second half. Then it was my final Champions League game of Group H which I lost to Villareal CF as I placed a weak team on the field with it being a dead rubber. Next up is a difficult away trip to Chelsea who will be hungry for 3 points as they can't afford slip ups now. I have £77,832,600 to spend on my team in the fast approaching January market. How can I improve my current team?


Subs: Ruffier, Agger, Skrtel, Pachecho, Martinez, Shelvey, N'Gog

And I already have Arda Turan and Tello coming on the 1st Jan.


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Just finished my ninth season, having not only won every competition this season, but also managed to remain undefeated throughout the campaign. Probably the last season with my Master League team as well with PES 2012 demos coming out. Here's my team for anyone interested:

Subs: Merscinho, Cudicini, Virota, De Kaam, Muckeloak, Toristao, Yankov, Schuurman, Jay O'Shea, David Silva, Fefatzidis, Kim Bo Kyung, Sazi, Schwarz, Martins

Such a good team :crymore: Might just have to make a video dedicated to them.


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The players demanding new salaries have just really hurt my pocket! For example, Ryan Babel has just signed a new 4 year deal at 3,000,000 a year!


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yeah it is annoying that when players are out of contract they ask for there market value rather than salary
bit of a bug i think i got zarate on 6,000,000 a year but gonna flog him soon


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To be quite honest, he is not even in my future plans really having just brought Tello so I may well try and sell him, not in this Transfer Window but maybe in the summer one. On lighter terms, I am now the official Club World Cup winners :D


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foneTag, your post is better suited in this threads sister thread 'How are you doing in Master League Online?' as thats a dedicated MLO thread and this thread is more for the offline Master League. It's in the online section of the PES 2011 discussions.

Anyway, the January transfer window has been and gone with very little activity happening. I signed Pastore on a 5 year deal from Fulham for a fee in the region of £19,500,000 and managed to sell one of my fringe midfielders to Newcastle for about £2,500,000 (brought him as a prospect but he hasn't really grown much since then). Had deals for Amoo come through but no club were prepared to match the £10,000,000 I would want for him, Jay Spearing went out on loan for the rest of the season and apart from Tello and Arda Turan's deals been finalised nothing else happened. Tried to get loan deals sorted for Shelvey and El Hardy but no team were particularly interested, and dependent on the success of Pastore's first 6 months in the premier league he may well go on the transfer list next window.

After the window, I played two matches, a 0-0 draw against West Bromwich Albion and a convincing 3-1 win away at West Ham United. By lead at the top of the table is till 10 points from 2nd place Manchester United who failed to capitalise on me dropping points at home agains't West Brom. Draws for the round of 16 in the Champions League have been done and Liverpool have drawn Ajax which will be a tricky tie. Add the victory in the 'Club World Cup' and my managerial record now looks like this;

Premier League- 2010/11, 2011,12
Europa League- 2010/11
Champions League-2011,12
UEFA Super Cup- 2012/13
Club World Cup- 2012/13

And I am on course to make it 3 Premier Leagues and 2 Champions Leagues. The only trophy available that I haven't won is the FA Cup which has sadly evaded me 3 times.


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Sorry for the double post; but I have been thinking of my squad for next year (seeing the trailer for 'become a manager' has made me really hyped for PES 2012).

Thats my probable team, with a bench of;

Doni, Coates, Lucas, Spearing, Carroll, Kuyt, Bellamy

What do you guys reckon? Obviously if theres another kind of Palmieri in PES 2012's youth team then he'll be in my team too but thats my team on the basis that there is no superstar in my youth team.