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How are you doing in Master League?


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Just lost for the first time in about 60-70 matches today. 1-1 against Galatasaray in the final minutes and then Scott Parker, of all people, scores a volley from the edge of the box for them. Gutting :crymore:


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Just lost for the first time in about 60-70 matches today. 1-1 against Galatasaray in the final minutes and then Scott Parker, of all people, scores a volley from the edge of the box for them. Gutting :crymore:

Was that a Champions League game then?


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Just finished my last ever ML on pes 2011 top player, 6 seasons with inter some quality pes memories

2 champions leagues
5 league titles
1 copa Italia
2 Club world cups

GK - Viviano
DR - Natalino
DC - Ranocchia
DC - Bocchetti
DL - Criscito
DM - Poli
MC - Bacinovic
AMC - Ozil
AMC - Coutinho
CF - Pazzini
CF - Gameiro


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This season is going strange and good at the same time. I beat Blackburn 5-2 to go six points clear after eleven games which I am happy about. The strangeness comes from the top teams doing so badly. Man Utd especially have already lost 5 games. My nearest rival is actually still Blackburn.

Has anyone else had situations like these? Were an average team does really well or vice versa?


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yeah spurs have been top two with me(hull city) for past 3 seasons now
arsenal,liverpool and chelsea are always poor now(all 3 rarely finish in top ten now)
man u and city are always up there though


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This season is going strange and good at the same time. I beat Blackburn 5-2 to go six points clear after eleven games which I am happy about. The strangeness comes from the top teams doing so badly. Man Utd especially have already lost 5 games. My nearest rival is actually still Blackburn.

Has anyone else had situations like these? Were an average team does really well or vice versa?

Yeah I have had the same situation too. Tottenham for example very rarely finish in the Top 4. I have played 3 seasons and the only decent top 4 I ever had was in season 2011/12 when the top 4 was:

3.)Manchester United
4.)Manchester City

West Ham United also always manage to secure a European place.


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Things are looking a little more normal now. I'm 4 points in front of arsenal who are about 10 in front of Man Utd and then Liverpool. Chelsea are almost out of even a Europa League place :p

This season has been really fun and challenging. my last result was a 1-1 draw with Man Utd but I lost 2-1 to arsenal and Chelsea recently which has cut my lead from 9 to 4points. Luckily I don't have many challenging fixtures left in the EPL and Im in the semi's in the FA Cup.

Current team:

Ruskin--Palmeri--Schmidt--El Mourbaki--
Kieren Gibbs-----------------Shimizu---


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ive just signed Kieran Gibbs
is he any good solid mate?

He's been fantastic. It's kinda funny as with Shimizu on the right I've got these two tiny wingers. I bought him from the start with dynamic development on. Into the 2nd season he's now got an overall of 82 which is a substantial improvement of what he was when I got him.


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Just finished my second season. It was rather successful. I won the double with a 4-1 win against Arsenal and ended up winning the league by 20 points. It's weird to have won by such a large margin considering that it was quite challenging originally and during the middle of the season.

Now that I'm in the Champion's League I'm guessing my squad needs to be a little bigger. I've hired a better scout and signed Charlie Adam and Phill Jones. My youth team has also yielded me a young Deco who has a bunch of special skills including Talisman.

Kilbane(78)--Palmeri(93)--Schmidt(78)--El Mourbaki(72)
Kieren Gibbs(85)-----------------Shimizu(84)---

Subs of note- Pelaez(76), Adam(80), Deco(69), Schwarz(80)


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2nd season halfway going, begun with ML original players replacing Doncaste so many of players are Doncaster players bought as free transfers.

I'm currently sitting as 2nd in table (a bit too easy imo). Liverpool being number one, and I've only lost twice season.

Dropped out of FA cup by chelsea..again like last season, gonna get them next year :) Goal is to qualify for europa league, but looks like I'm gonna make it to Champions league.

with a huge luck Jeffren dropped to unsigned from Barca, so I snapped him at the end of last season. Otherwise I've mostly transfered only crappy players and players who were transfer listed. (My team ranking is very low).

GKs: G.Woods, Pouplin (bought halfway), Ivarov.
Could do some improvement here, Woods didn't approve my new deal to him so I bought and considered Pouplin to be better than Woods, but he's been inconsistent now.

DEF: Szalai, Palmieri, Schmidt, D.Jensen (from copenhagen), Jiranek (Birmingham drop out).
I could really do with a better left back as Jensen's utter crap. Also I could sell Palmieri / Schmidt for profits so should scout a replacement CB as well.

MID: Oscar, Camacho, Pelaez, Mason, Jeffren, Stambouli
My goal half-season was to get a good DMF, as I sold Jaric and Stambouli is doing it for now.. even being crap, he has a good defence & balance rating so he stops the attacks.

ATT: Sharp, Fairhurst, Nuhiu, Okotie, Jeffren.
Once again strikers are easiest to come by, so I raided free transfers in the end of last season and got Sharp, Okotie and Nuhiu.
Not really known guys, but especially Sharp has a good shot technique which is a great to have for a striker, he's gonna be my Raul ;)

I mostly play 4-2-2-2


Goal for season is to make as much $$$$ as possible to improve team trainers etc for next season. Right now I got already the chinese dude Xiang ying hai etc. but my other trainers could do with some improvement.

I ended that season second in the end.

Now third season being close to ending now and heres the situation. Got a VERY good January transfer window!

GKs: G.Woods, Pouplin, Victor, Ivarov.
Woods took his place back as 1st goalie and has been doing well, he's a "guaranteed save" goalie, often punches but still saves. Victor risen from the youth ranks. Going to sell Pouplin now.

DEF: Novillo, Balenziaga, Muratori, Palmieri, Schmidt, Jiranek
As I said earlier better SB was in search and got 3 now, which I'm very happy about. Especially Novillo has a very good potential! Got him free transfer. Balenziaga & Muratori on january, both had last year in contract so very cheap!.
Sold Szalai & D.Jensen for profits (nice!) :)

MID: Oscar, Camacho, Mason, Jeffren, Stambouli, Temile, Hines, Radio
Stambouli has really stepped up and is doing a fine job as DMF now! Got Temile cheap on last year contract, is very fast and most likely going to blossom in coming years!
Added a created player of me called Radio.. he's NOT overally good so no cheap tricks here!
Sold Pelaez for profits.

ATT: Sharp, Fairhurst, Nuhiu, Jeffren, Hines
Got Hines as a cheap transfer. Fairhurst has really improved, so has Nuhiu (big target man with crappy feet) he seems to score nicely as a sub :)
Sold Okotie, even that he was my main scorer in the beginning of season.
Looking to buy a decent complete striker for the next season and sell Sharp. Sharp is my leading goalscorer in all competitions and is very good! But also 26 now and I wish to get a more "known" person as my main striker. Maybe going to look for reborn famous ppl :)

Also target is to get a decent CB in transfer window and sell Palmieri as the offers to him are so big that I have to take the money to improve my team otherwise.

Gamewise looking very interesting, getting to CL and FA cup final this year! Also the title race for Premier League is still open and there's about 5 teams in very close points. I'm third atm.

Overally a very good season with nice goals to savour. This season my team takes a big step up in team rankings hopefully, so I get more famous players to my team now :)

------------G.Woods----------- (Victor)
H.Novillo-Palmieri-Schmidt-Balenziaga- (Muratori)
-------------Jeffren---------- (Hines)
-----Sharp------------------- (Fairhurst, Nuhiu)


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Hey just wanted to answer this question and ask another at the same time... i just finished 2016 and I have won all the matches except the final in UEFA i lost it at the penalty shots. im playing with pes united random players with hardest difficulty... so im that good :O or the game gets much easier when u have good players?

Wah Wah

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Well, I'm in my first season with Wolverhampton. I wanted an average team to play the Barclays League, one that would have to center around one or two players to carry the team on their backs. Wolves got S. Fletcher (a great SS/ST, can carry the ball pretty well and is a brilliant shooter), Hunt and Kevin Doyle, so it was my pick.

I made two good signings, and two not so good ones. The good signings were Amauri and Russendall. Amauri is a complete beast for the level of the Wolves, he can get some really good shots out of nowhere, is very strong and really fit in my formation (4-1-2-3). Russendall is a fake RB from Wondengine Town, overall 84 really solved my problem (and Foley got the bench). I also signed Richardson, an SMF/AMF from Sunderland, but he didn't do great exhibitions, and got the bench. The last one was Cícero, a created player that I made for a custom update for Brazilian teams (in his case, São Paulo. And no, he isn't a super player, I used PSD for his stats to make it as much realistic as possible). He just couldn't get a good offense, even though he made it up at the defense, but I'm looking for offensive midfielders.

Right now I'm 5th in the league, 4 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. Managed a 2-1 comeback win against Liverpool, a 3-1 against Chelsea and a 3-3 against City, but lost some stupid games against Newcastle, Stoke City and Arsenal. I'm really happy with my team, the only problem is that offense can be really slow sometimes, especially when Hunt is absent. O'Hara, his official sub, is a CMF, and can't pass the ball around very well, despite being really strong and stealing some good balls up front. Fletcher and Doyle can really get the job done up front, but Amauri is the key player: he scored 9 goals in the league, and 2 in the cup game. The benchies Ebanks-Blake and L. Griffiths also get the job done when they come in.

For the mid-season transfer window, I'm planning on getting some more good players, not necessarily young ones. I need to improve my starting eleven if I want to go far in Champions or Europa League (if I'm qualified for either one of them), so I'm thinking on signing Fucile, Catermole and Samba for the defensive end, Reo Coker and Maloney for the offensive end.

Give me suggestions on what to do if you think I'm not doing it right, I'll update as soon as I clear the next transfer window.


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Hello everyone!
It's a thread dedicated to sharing PES 11 Master League stories, and I'm sorry that my post is off-topic.
I'm from Russia and I love PES, it's been my favourite game since long time already. I study English in my university, but these classes of language is not enough for me. Wasting time looking at and doing typical exercises from books is not quite what I want. Recently I got seriously interested in reading English Football articles cuz I do want to know something else apart from "to score a goal", or "header", or "it's a good cross".
Since I'm trying to do my best studying your language, I recently made my mind to install PES on my laptop again. I really like the way Englishmen comment on matches. But I have only got PES 4, which is my favourite. I know it's SO old but you know it's quite good for me.
I wonder if anybody would be interested in reading My Master League story. I'm gonna play at 6-star level starting with defaults. And I will do my utmost describing everything happening in my Master League in English (I read articles from British newspapers online and get the football language from there) :)
I'm looking forward to getting responses from you mates,
greetings from Siberia (I live there in Irkutsk near the Lake Baikal) :)

P.S. I decided to post this message here; otherwise, in PES 4 ML thread I would get no response :)