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how can i find the chant slots for a given team (Football Life)


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Hi all wonder if anyone might be able to help?, Trying to add chants but i've run into a big problem the youtube tutorial which i was following is hopelessly outdated,
but i've found out (because i started a masterleague with this team) that in the addmittedly brilliant PES21 reworked conversion called "football Life" that Blackpool are the only team, i think?, which don't have any custom chants from the chantpack, trust me to find it straight away .., but the tutorial is too old to cover it and doesn't include Blackpool as they were only just recently promoted... so my question is can i find out the audio slots which the team uses the teams id is 1761 , but that's not the slot it uses as i tested it out by opening chantlsit inside eternity, playing the file is not the same as i hear in game so that cant be where the teams slots start....does anyone know how or where i can find them?

ok in simple terms i think i might just need to convert 1761 to PES hex, anyone know how please?

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