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How do you handle blowout losses in ML (offline)?


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Say you are getting your ass whooped 4-0 and it's only in the first half. Do you ragequit? When it happens to me, I kinda want to, but at the same time, it's cheating. Or do you just play through it? I HATE conceding a lot of goals, win or lose. I'd rather lose a league match 1-0 than win 5-4.


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In Master League I play through it, go with some crazy tactics, sometimes you get an exciting comeback, sometimes it fails miserably, but either way it gives you a chance to learn about a new formation and/or strategy. Besides, losing is a part of the game.

In a standalone cup mode however, I'll quit and replay. I'll sometimes leave it to the 89th minute to quit, but the sole objective in playing cup modes is to win, so I think I'm excused!


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Half the time I ragequit because I only really go down to that scoreline if some kind of BS has taken place (players not responding, commands messing up a basic pass, AI cheating etc). Though I just played a match against Juve and I went down 2-0 in the first 20 mins, looked like I was in for a thrashing but I pulled it back 2-2, then they went up 3-2 and in last ten mins I pulled it back 3-3 and even had a last chance to win, but ended draw. I felt like their first 2 goals were fairly legit so didn't feel the need to ragequit or anything.

The problem with this game though, you do need to be playing as a semi-decent team (at least a top 5-10 team) to maintain your sanity on higher difficulties. The CPU always has the edge over you defensively.


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If Im losing badly at half time, something in my team is seriously wrong. So I make personnel changes, move the formation around and go to all out attack in the second half.


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I just pass the ball around and become very defensive, I just do not want to try to concede more goals. If I'm losing 4-0 and it's only half time, I go very offensive and try to reduce the deficit.


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Part and parcel of the game I suppose, nobody likes to lose but sometimes it is inevitable. Aside from the obvious scripting, which makes me want to find out if a PS3 can fly, you've just got to roll with it, try something new and learn from it.


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ragequit, most of time.

and I'm totally more furious when leading 2-0 through halftime only to be drawn level 3-3 at the death. happens with my Ajax against PSG, away on Paris. :|


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I got wiped by City in both the FA and Champions league finals. So I deleted the latest patch. The game just seems screwed over with the Ver 1.03 patch.