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How many seasons have you played so far?


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I'm in my 7th season (3rd season on Top Player difficulty). I've played all the games including the preseason matches. I'm still trying to win a treble. I did it once but that was on Professional. So how many seasons have you guys played?


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Four for me. I play on Professional level. So gutted right now. This would have been my 3rd consecutive Treble if it wasn't for the 1-0 lost to Paris Saint-Germain, just now. I wouldn't have be that gutted if it wasn't for the manner in which I lost the final; Stats are Man United(me) shots on goal 17 of which 11 were on target. Corner kicks 5. I had to make 1 save to the 8 of Paris Saint-Germain. Everything is going for me accept the scoreline. Paris Saint Germain had 3 shots on goal of which 2 were on target and guess what I bloody hell scored from that 2 shot on target. This is why I'm so gutted. If only the opposition teams can at least give you a run for your money by playing competitive football, but nothing at all.


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I'm on my 9th season with swansea, but I always skip the last few matches of the season so that I can sign someone. I've wont the league 7 times, champions league 7times and the league cup around 4 times. Started on superstar and still on it.

Fredy Dwi

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I've been playing 9 season with INTER, win 1 bundesliga, win 8 Italian League,Champion League and Copa Italia, win 7 supercup, Superstar difficulty level


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Been on and off between two save games. But right now I'm playing Blackburn in Super Star difficulty. Currently in the 4th season, about to end in 4 matches.

- 1st Season in D2 = #3 (promoted to D1), knocked off in the quarter final in FA Cup -- Cardiff City won the league

- 2nd Season in D1 = #7 (qualified for Europa League), knocked off at the round of 16 in FA Cup -- Man City won the league

- 3rd Season in D1 = #6 (qualified for Europa League), knocked off at the round of 16 in FA Cup, knocked off in Group Stage in Europa League -- Chelsea won the league

- 4th Season in D1 = #3 with 3 games to go (5 points behind the leader, but very unlikely to win the league), knocked off quarter-final in FA Cup, going into the final of Europa League against Liverpool (who is like #8 in D1 right now) -- Chelsea is at #2 (Chelsea now has Iniesta and Rooney), Man City at #2

I still have less than 10,000 fan clubs. That's a difficult part to gain good money. Hopefully, I'll get much more fan clubs after this season results.

Hopefully, in the new PES 2014, it'll be as challenging. It'll be fun to manage one team to the top and then switch to another. :)

EDITED: Finished the 4th season. Losing 2 of the last 3 games to #13 and #14 teams. In the last game, I only need to draw and I'd have secured the fourth place and a spot for Champions League. Got scored first and then pulled back for a draw with one minute to go. And then conceded a goal in extra time. :( So, it's 5th place this season and another year in Europa League. Good news is I won the Europa League.

Started new season. Going well now. Beat Blackpool 8-0 in the first game and won over Bayern Munich 3-0 in the Super Cup. On top of that, my fan club has boosted from 9,000 last season to about 30,000 now. With two new sponsors with 1+ million in place, everything is going well now. :D


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Playing my 3rd season with Toros Neza (Mexican 1st Division, Liga MX)... The team is currently defunct in real life, but what the hell! :rolleyes:

Currently on 2nd position after 3 weeks, with 2 wins and 1 draw (5-5 one lol)