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I have PSeye, taking in photo requests!!


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so, the story is I recently bought the PSeye, if anyone posts the photo that they want to be captured using the Pseye, I'll do it. The link to the PS3 usable photo will be posted once completed. But first, I just want to know if you need the eyecreate software in order to take the photos in PES or not. Cuz if you don't have to use the eyecreate software, I'll just get right into the photos and requests.

Post your favourite teams photos!!
As a fan of PES, I'm just sick and tired of the selfish bastards who only do edits for themselves. I'm willing to help guys!


I think the default Ronaldo looks alright :mellow:

Anyway, I think Hleb would be a good bet, quite surprised he hasn't got a default face but people like Justin Hoyte have :huh:


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Not sure if this thread is just for faces (I've only just got the PS3 and pro evo so I'm still trying to catch up on all of this - it was much easier back in my ps2 days!) but I'm looking for the Everton kit. I know I can only have 4 decent kits stored but I will NEVER use the Liverpool kits!

Any help would be much appreciated. Oh, I'll ask for a Mikel Arteta face too, please. His in game appearance is horrific whereas he's quite a handsome chap in real life. You know, if you like that kind of thing.... Which I don't.


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Morten Gamst Pederson, Mikel Arteta Yea i Agree Looks Nothing Like Him Get Him Please. Also David Bentley Needs An Update Good Job :)


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Damn it everyone, I'm just wondering if I need to download eyecreate for my Pseye. I don't think I can do requests yet if I can't download eycreate, my PS3 is not internet connected dudes.


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PSeye working!

I got everything sorted out, the eye does not need eyecreate, which means I'm really to edit!

I'll start taking in requests once I know how to use the eye, be patient boys.

I can do requests, but first, here are somethings to keep in mind:
1. Can anyone tell me how to post links in this site.
2. I have Winning Eleven 2008, NOT PES2008.
3. Post the photos that you want, an I'll shoot the photo that you provide (faces/kits).
4. Enjoy!


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I agree about them not defaulting hleb face pure lazyness on konami's part lol i think adebayor seem constantly drowsy anyone else agree? so if you could change him that would be good. I think ronaldo looks spot on so don't see what the problem is there. I think walcott could do with changing hes just not him really ermmmmmmmm and other than that i have no need for any others. (sorry for nominated all arsenal guys guess kind of gives you ahint of who i support) And one more thing ronaldo looks spot on i think so dnt see a need to change him.

I no this has nothing to do with the thread but how come the ps3 update is taking so long compared to the xbox 360 one? not that i'm impatient because i am grateful for the people doing it because i absolutley terrible at it.


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Patrick, you know which character's face bugs me the must, Hleb. Konami never made him look like the real Hleb. My brother's a really big Gunners fans, so I think I'll do him first.