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Its now the Middle of June still nothing about PES 2009


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It now the middle of june and still nothing from konami about PES 2009. I seen that its on but no release date or anything about the game. Does this mean that maybe konami is going to wait till next year to release the game? From what I heard they had a lot of guys working on mgs 4 maybe that could have been the reason why PES 2008 was so bad. What do you guys think will it be out this year or next? Would you be happy to wait? Once the game is top quality I wouldnt mind waiting. We all know that FIFA 09 will be out soon and as usual always over hyped but always crap but it will still sell a lot. Anyway what do you think?

Lörd TH

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Unfortunately Konami have cancelled PES 09.....


They will tell us when they are ready..


I drink your Milkshake
As mentioned elsewhere PES will be delayed until 2009 March time. The reason being because of MGS and also to make the perfect PES game they need time. First talk will be late July time early August.