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[JackWhoBRA]- JackWhoWENB PES2011 png kits formulae 10/11 PS3


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[IMG] By ducisgood at 2011-02-28[/IMG]

inter champions


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Hi Jack. Are you planning on doing the bundesliga kits? Really looking forward for it.

No, sorry mate, just haven't got the time at all these days.

I want to do some more NTs soon though...

I did enjoy taking the day off to update loads of boots n stuff yesterday. Started early once the DLC was available, about 10am :D


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That´s nice to hear that you are back at this forum. Thanks for your excellent work. Specially for the perfect premier league kit pack! Your work is perfect!!! ;) Hope to see some nationalkits of you!!! :happy:

The bundesliga kit pack of Santi is nearly perfect, so be happy with it (so respect to the the other kitmakers like husher!!!)


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Jack,I am a chinses,I am looking forward to your national kits

your kits are Perfect!!

Please forgive poor English


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Hey guys im new here.
Can you make the portuguese kits in PNG's to me.
I make Liga ZON Sagres in my PES 2011 because im Portuguese.
So please if it is possible make the kits of Liga Zon Sagres + Belenenses & Leixôes 2010/2011 already included with the emblems.
I found some kits but not very well done as those used for other leagues.
I use the JackWhoBra kits in my PES but he made no equipment for the Portuguese league.
Please help me with this.

Thanks a lot for attention and i wait for answers

PS: Sorry for my bad english im Portuguese.