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[KITS] 2020/21 Kits by Kit Man Cal


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Kit Man Cal

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Hey guys, I know I'm not as active on the forums these days. I've made a poll - I can't guarantee anything but I'm interested in the player's opinion.

Click HERE for poll!


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Welcome back KitMan,

First of all, hope everything is ok with family, damn this COVID-19 and all it has done.

Your kits are fantastic and I am so glad that you are doing kits for the 2020-2021 season.

Please can you do the Ajax home kit as it has now been officially released?

Link for Home Kit -

Really glad that you are doing the kits for licensed teams as well. What I do with licensed teams when going into a new season is replace the licensed teams with a created, unlicensed version from scratch.

Very tedious - especially when moving players over (if only there was a way to bulk transfer players across) - but worth it in the end.

Thanks KitManCal and all the best.
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