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Konami Updates not supported


Registered User
Hey Guys,

I got PES14 on PS3 and can't get the data pack updates direct from the game as Konami are no longer supporting the game.

I got the bare minimum stuff and cannot install all the new OFs.

Its BLES 01935 version 1.16 with no data pack installed.

Help me PES gurus, you're my only hope!


Registered User
upload here your BLES01935EDIT file, i'll patch it to datapack 0 and you can play with your OF again without datapack ;)


Registered User
you cant do it yourself with bruteforce save game+ pes2014 multiconverter.

1 decrypt data.bin with bruteforce
2 change datapack version version to 0 with pes 2014 multiconverter
3 encrypt data.bin with bruteforce

but you can see somme bugs like some players name become "dummy" and some ball and shooses became invisible, but you can play!


Registered User
Hey, I don't have a Windows computer so I can't use bruteforce.

Struggling with the same issue as Macsimus_Red. I have 1.16 with no data pack installed. Is there anyone that can help?

Would like to play through the World Challenge mode and edit things for the WC in 2014 if possible.

EDIT - have a windows partition that I'd forgotten about but can't seemingly find a file with the data packs, does anyone have one?