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L2 Dribbling


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It was mine... :(

As anyone else noticed how effective L2 dribbling really is?

It's glorious!


In BAL, if i get a player with 85 or more Agility, 80ish dribbling and 83+ acceleration I know it's gonna be a good session. "Special Controls" dribbles are insanely effective to create space for a shot, pass or simply to get clean through on goal.

I love it too :)


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Hold L2 when moving in any direction, don't hold down the sprint button mind. What happens is the player keeps the ball closer to his feet then he usually would but at a slower speed. Its more accurate though.

so it has basically replaced the L1 close control of the old games? works the same way? is the player you're controlling stronger on the ball when holding L2 and less likely for the opponent to tackle the ball? i thought they had removed that function, because it's nothing new, it existed in iss pro evolution 2 and i have missed it. i can do close control without L2, but i just end up being fouled half the time.

L2 is horribly placed for that function though.


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i think its a great feature. It makes dribble accuracy actually count for something now. It certainly benefits players with high dribble accuracy but low dribble speed. One of the infuriating things bout PES 2010 was that accuracy could count for almost nothing as long as the player had a high dribble speed. It often ended up being a foot race rather than a technical battle.

With PES 2011 now, using players like Berbatov or Totti who have high dribbling accuracy but low speed, u can actually pull off something. Which does make it more realistic too.


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LMAO, pretty much everyone on page 1 was smoking something yesterday! I mean one person, but all of those? I was all eager to get home today and try out this L2 dribbling!!!

As for the close control dribbling, I haven't used it *much.* Maybe my reaction time just isn't up to par, but I haven't really been successful with it and my BAL player has 89 Dribbling Accuracy.

Du 1337

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This is very confusion...

R1/RB = sprint
R2/RT = close dribble

L1/LB = change player, lob, special controls

L2/LT = have really no idea and never use it. I did in PES200 though for tactics