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  • Might try it, eventually.

    ML was my fave, but it just seems so limited and dated now. Not being able to move from managing one club to another? Seriously? After so many years it's just the same limited shit. This is one area where FIFA truly pisses on PES. The menu's may be crap, but at least you can mould a career through differing teams, based on your success or lack thereof.

    With PES and it's limited youth generation, most ML players will end up with the same pool of best players. At least with FIFA and it's random youth generation that is unlikely. I'm not even going to start on re-born stars :facepalm:

    Even if PES manages to get the on-pitch side sorted at last, the off-pitch still needs some major work.

    Just my grumbling opinion though.
    I said the same after 2009. Then I reneged and tried 2010, only to feel betrayed. Once again I vowed never to let PES darken my door.

    I tried a mates 2011 for a week, but didn't feel any better about it. In the meantime FIFA had got my attention (especially with a proper league structure!) and I've not looked back.

    Should have left these forums really as I have lost all PES love despite so many years and so many games.
    I'll be doing the same, albeit with Borderlands 2.

    My PES love has been hammered by 2008 thru 2011, so much so that I don't think I can go back.
    How long until a PES related avatar appears regularly in the PES section?
    Post count still rolling then... even outside the FF... :erm:

    Was going to post a 'missing you' vid, but no point really :D
    Come on dear boy, just because you've moved up the ladder it doesn't mean you need to take your brain out of the gutter.
    IT support :laugh: We call ours 'desk'. Adding the prefix 'help' would be misleading.
    Thinking at work is overrated, trust me. I've had to think about my staffing levels in light of one members poor attendance.

    After 5 minutes I decided to sack the cunt :boss:

    Hate doing it, but hey-ho.

    Not sure I could do an IT job. I like the variety in my line of work, the opportunity to get out of the office when I feel like it & do some mindless manual labour for a break. Never been good with routine, I guess.
    Ooh, exciting! Apart from the pressure, is it the direction you wanted to take & is the money better..?
    What sort of work are you in? Sure you've told me previously, but as I'm old...
    What are you doing now then? I assumed you had just moved from rent boy to dominatrix...
    I'll remember that sage advice, thanks babe :laugh:

    How's things with you, still a happy bundle of QPR loving, southern scum?
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