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  • It's just not the same, knowing you're there, loitering but not active.

    It's like watching Carrick...
    He's nearly halfway there already. The humble pie has been put in the freezer so it will be fresh for you.
    Okay, you can't take eating a bit of humble pie with your poor judgement on a player, I get that.:point:
    Your biggest advantage is that most of the sides around/below you are just as bad, if not worse.
    Yeah, you got raped today. Regardless of the sending off & pen, you were on a hiding to nothing anyway.

    You'll have to play well to top the swans at the mo, will be a tough end to the season...
    You do realise the two are linked? Cheap solder being melted by hot processor, cool, crack, remelt, drip off board, no display output, RROD.

    It was cutbacks on cost that caused the issue. At least Microsoft had the balls to admit they screwed up & did a great job of putting it right.

    Sony on the other hand... :erm:
    It's a TV display issue. That and lazy dev's for not going full HD. Through a normal RGB/Scart it'll work fine, but when you connect through an HDMI cable, the console fixes the resolution settings so you are unable to dumb them down.

    Shit 'aint it?
    Got Blood Money, but can't play it as it won't play at 50hz though an HDMI cable :folarm: Too lazy to dig out my other cables. Awesome title though.

    Only bought my 360 when the b/r drive went on my release day Sony slab.
    My recon unit is quite quiet actually. The PS3 blu-ray drive start-up is noisier!

    Anyway, what else is the volume button on the TV remove for if not to drown out nuisance noises like consoles, cats & women?
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