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    yeah it's a bit too sterile, plus it's not as good to navigate on mobile as GAF was imo. GAF mobile > RE mobile imo.
    no, but ive seen someone edited the poster for a game called "showering with my dad" to be "showering with GAF" lol
    Lovato is smoking. Nice amount of curves.

    People are posting porn on GAF to get bans, they're cunts, I'm browsing at work and see some big cock on my screen, thank fuck no-one else saw it!

    Yeah Sweey decided to off it. Everyone else is already on there and it's working well tbh, a lot more functionality than the chatbox.
    Yeah the "why does that guy have his shirt off" line was great. phew:

    why aren't you joining discord?
    I might just stick to GAF. I don't care that he got in get shower.... Babysitter was decent in the end. Lesbian kiss was goat
    Gaf is coming back online, i think it's dead though. Replacement forum will be live and has the community backing
    Everytime you think they can't sink any lower with Balor/Wyatt, they find a way :done:
    I was just looking for something to watch, i started John q with Denzel. It's nearly as sexy.
    Yeah it's hilarious. Guys a hypocrite. I'm glad I'm banned atm as I'd probably have said something too?!
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