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  • Sums up the company. A feud that should've died at Summerslam is still going in October and getting worse every week.

    I take it Kane didn't become mayor? Or is the match to promote it. "Use the hashtag voteGlennJacobs folks" :shfty:
    Yeah, I'm fine with MITB fails if it leads to character development. But you look at the failure in the past, primarily Sandow, and you realise they do it for shock value and have no plan beyond that night.

    Cena screwing himself out of facing Corbin (nearly wrote Jeremy Corbyn) for the title and smiling about it :banderas:
    Can't wait for the USA USA chants.

    I think the Raw side is OK really bar one match just Smackdown's is horrific.
    Apparently fans left during the main event to start a queue outside for Royal Rumble tickets. :lmao:
    See you at the Rumble because this product :poorchoice: / :lmao:

    One of the worst decisions I've seen them pull. Just imagine if they have Jinder/Mojo.
    So it'll be:

    Gallows & Anderson/Enzo & Cass and/or Sheamus & Cesaro
    American Alpha/Usos
    Smackdown Women's title

    3 of these will be pre-show if it's 2 hours long. Who knows if Usos/AA will even happen.

    Miz & Maryse/Cena & Nikki
    Bayley/Charlotte/Sasha (maybe Nia too)
    Andre Battle Royal a.k.a Braun
    Seth/Trips - if Seth's not fit enough they may do an angle and have the match main event next PPV while Hunter cries backstage
    maybe Shaq/Show too but who knows at this point. Rather they just do a backstage comedy skit at this point. Should've had Joe/Sami :mad:
    Owens marks getting worked. Think Jericho should have helped him win so the title will be on the line in their WM match.

    Not even taking into account they don't have a match yet and Jericho isn't no.1 contender :banderas:
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