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  • She'll be What Culture's star woman in 2017.

    Ending a PPV on Orton/Bray :bravo:
    A Raw vs Smackdown SS elimination match is an inevitability. Wouldn't be surprised if one of the champions is in it.
    Still think we'll get AJ/Orton at Survivor Series, which makes it less likely they'd face off at WM. Hopefully Joe or Nakamura is in the Rumble and it brings them to the main roster (Joe more likely as I think Nakamura will be Raw after WM).

    When would Cena take the title? Rumble? Just trying to picture what faces AJ could take on if he held it until Mania; Orton, Ziggler and Kane :bravo:
    Balor wins the Rumble then? And I'm guessing Cena/Taker for the title to give it an excuse to main event?
    I give it 12 months at best, until she looks back, a single woman, and thinks 'fuck was I doing'.
    Probably just that he's tired of Rollins failing. Failed against Ambrose, failed against Balor. So he sided with one of his NXT guys. I would love if he was simply jealous because Rollins keeps hugging Steph though :lol:

    Brock vs Orton rematch at a house show? Even if it's televised on the network.. :suarez:
    Owens vs who at Clash of Champions though? Reigns should have an actual title match with Rusev first imo and Rollins would mean turning him unnaturally early. I guess there's no chance of them holding back Rollins vs Trips until WM.
    Cena hasn't main evented a PPV since Survivor Series 2014 :shocking:

    (albeit he was injured about 6 months in this period)
    I would've thought maybe they'd be cross brand. So after the current feuds they'd go against someone from Smackdown.

    That voiceover for Eva Marie's entrance :lmao:

    I guess they've made it quite clear which title match will be midcard at Summerslam.
    Or Ambrose/Del Rio :poorchoice:

    Seth/Finn, Orton/Brock, AJ/Cena gimmick, New Day/Club is fine, rest will be garbage.
    Roman's in the dog house and/or they've lost faith, right? Pinned 3 times in a month. I don't even know what he'll be doing come Summerslam.
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