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  • Any word on how long he'll be out?

    Watch Triple H re-work the entire card so he gets a big match.
    So looking back at the matches as you said:

    Bray vs Orton
    AJ vs Shane
    Cena vs Ambrose (replace with Corbin)
    Goldberg vs Brock
    Reigns vs Taker
    HHH vs Rollins
    KO vs Jericho

    Show vs Shaq (if it even happens??)
    Andre Battle Royal
    I-C ladder match (if not Ambrose/Cena)
    2 women's matches
    1 if not 2 tag titles match (1 more likely if battle royal happens)
    Cruiserweight match?
    And then Joe, Balor, Strowman doing..?

    That's like 15 matches when you take the pre-show into consideration. :huh:
    I thought Joe tbh. When Owens retained & Cena won, I thought Lesnar was winning the Rumble (and Goldberg taking the belt at Fast Lane). Then he got dumped out so I thought maybe Joe could win to set up him vs Cena.

    When it was Reigns it became obvious Orton was winning.
    #30. Who's it going to be?! Samoa Joe? Finn Balor? Kurt Angle?!

    No, we'll give you Roman Reigns again because fuck you :lmao:

    I even watched some of the pre-show and they were hyping how awesome the surprise entrants always are. This year we got;
    Jobber Enzo
    Mary Poppins
    Please retire Mark Henry
    that shithawk James Ellsworth
    Kallisto (I don't think he was announced beforehand?)
    Roided Kevin Hart

    remember the Rumble :bravo:

    What a completely pointless Cena reign it will be.
    What's going on with Rollins? Is he going to moan at the start of the Rumble, so Steph puts him in at no.1 leading to the old Triple H interference elimination?

    Also; 6 brand matches and only 1 for Smackdown :lmao:
    That midcarder? :shfty:

    Why the hell is Orton with the Wyatts btw? Are they just rehashing the Bryan story and going all the way this time since they had to cut it short due to Bryan's popularity?

    Why would they boo Lesnar anyway? Despite being booked against faces, he's still a face himself?

    Also what's this nonsense about "Charlotte vs. Sasha will either open or close the show since WWE fears that if the match comes in the middle or near the end of the show, people might leave the building after the match is over." Who would leave after the women's match but before the main event??


    Hope Del Rio gets custody of the children so she has 3 kids to deal with.
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