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  • Yeah checked in to it, you cant use gamecube discs as apparently the wii u just spits them out? so all downloaded ISOs probably. I'm tempted to get one myself now! How did you snag that for £110? Auction or BiN?

    I'd recommend a controller tbh as several GC games made us of the analogue triggers of the controller.
    Gc emulator? No idea what you're on about. You'll need a gc controller adaptor to play the games though right?
    Just seen you bought tropical freeze..... Somehow i missed that. Where you bought all this from btw? eBay?
    Both smash titles? You mad man, but the Wii one does have the subspace emissary mode which I've always wanted to play.

    Good haul overall, but still missing loads of great first party titles. Don't skip the Donkey Kong Returns series btw, great 2d platformers, some of the best imo. Oh, and Kirbys Epic Yaen. You've got wooly world so get it's progenitor too :folarm:
    About 5 of the games are single player only. Another 4 support 1-4 player but b can be played alone and another 4 are multiplayer only.
    Have you got Nintendo Land btw? Some good shit actually in that game, but only if you find it for dirt cheap. especially the donkey kong mine cart stuff.

    I'll buy MAss Effect when it's dirt cheap.
    Tbh, that's a bargain. Captain Toad is a really fun game. Get Super Mario 3D world and both the galaxies. Galaxy 2 is the GOAT imo.
    Bryan, AJ, Rollins, Nakamura - all potential 5 star matches he could have had. Oh well.
    I wonder who was the third guy? :hmm:

    (Guy filming Maddox film Paige riding Woods)
    Seems right to me. Bump Ambrose and Corbin to main and I think you have your pre-show there.

    Braun is so past battle royal stage that this does nothing for him really but there is nothing else for him this year.

    Shaq/Show will end up going down for 2 or even mins I reckon.

    Poor Sami. Joe just got called up so it's not too harsh on him. But Sami only getting the battle royal is sad.
    That damn lucky Magnus. I remember laughing at him on the new Gladiators in 08. Now he laughs everyday :hogan:

    That'd be a class opener, but probably would be bumped to pre show.
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