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  • So I reckon Raw Womens title gets on the show, because Charlotte will definitely be on the main card. IC title ladder match probably makes the card. So that's 9. Maybe Smackdown tag title match will make it and then Big Show vs Shaq - so that is 11 :hmm:

    Preshow - Raw tag team titles, Smackdown women's title and Andre The Giant.

    14 matches altogether. I think they'll hold back on Balor now. Strowman may have to just be in the Andre the Giant match. Joe may just run in to help HHH.

    Last year they were too many injuries. A few injuries this year may help :lmao:
    I doubt Joe gets a single match. I feel the single matches are:

    Bray vs Orton
    AJ vs Shane
    Cena vs Ambrose
    Goldberg vs Brock
    Reigns vs Taker
    HHH vs Rollins
    KO vs Jericho
    Dude, I was sure it was Balor :lol:

    There was not one memorable moment of that rumble match and that is pretty sad. Dillinger at #10 was probably the best, but if they didn't do it they were stupid.
    Just realised no Joe at all :huh:

    Cena 16th reign to be 2 weeks? :lmao:
    I have no idea, tbh. Maybe cause havoc in some way? Cost Owens? Really not sure.

    Smackdown beating Raw in the ratings must have pissed off Vince.
    First Monday after the Rumble we infest the chatbox with our faggotry :sweey:
    Probably just to give Randy something. I feel they are keeping him and Styles away from each other so they can face off at WM. I hope you didn't miss Orton's first promo as part of the Wyatt's where his eyes started to flash?
    I can't make heads or tails of it. This is why Roman should have won at WM31 :folarm:
    The matches are fine. But match quality hasn't been their problem for a long while now. It's segments on a whole. Smackdown is pretty fun and probably always feels better than Raw because of the lesser time.
    I'm all for deserving women getting thier due. But this crop of WWE women - while good - are really up their own asses.
    Vince is angry with how the fans responded to the Heyman and Lesnar interview. He wanted them to boo Lesnar and chant Goldberg. Apparently cut the promo midway.

    The show emanated from Minnesota
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