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  • 19 trophies after 2am. :clap:

    I haven't got a single trophy after 1am, and before 10am. :hmm:

    Why do you have significantly fewer trophies on tuesdays and thursdays? Tuesdays are my lowest too, but that kinda makes sense due to midweek matches that I often attend. Yours could be down to watching Utd CL matches?
    That's odd (and a bit sad that you logged in early morning to try to get the trophy to pop :lol: ).

    It's a tough game, I'd be pissed if I didn't get the plat after all that!
    Yeah, I'm saying Cena takes it at the Rumble. So AJ would only need a Survivor Series and SD December PPV opponent. Could always go with him being in a traditional Survivor Series match and then someone like Dolph in December. Or bring back Kurt :sweey:
    Balor or Taker for the Rumble (Taker's last appearance in it).

    I didn't think Cena as champ just so that match main events. I just can't see AJ holding it till Mania (and I'm not sure if he should) and the most logical ending to Cena/Styles is Cena getting his win back for the title.

    I guess a heel Ambrose could also pair up with Orton. Which could then leave AJ vs Nakamura :banderas:
    My early WM non injury plans :folarm:

    Owens (C) vs Balor (Universal Title)
    Rollins vs HHH
    Reigns vs Brock

    Cena (C) vs Undertaker (WWE Title)
    Orton vs AJ
    Miz (C) vs Ambrose (IC Title)
    Oh yeah lol

    4 horsewomen and Asuka makes her irrelevant anyway. And Ember Moon :phil:
    At the same time, I don't see why WWE is trying to break them up, unless ADR is having a really bad influence on her.
    Stopped caring about her a long time (looks and performer). Not a miss for me.
    I don't think Reigns/Rusev is still active. Won't be surprised if Clash of Champions doesn't end up being KO/HHH vs Rollins/Reigns. That would mean no Universal Title match which would be funny with the name of the PPV.

    What do you think HHH's motives are?
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