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  • Harbio reading i iain73 was reading something you wrote. i had a funny feeling why i could never beat him. You just know when something no adding up. Like am in Division2 on fifa16 now and again i am waiting for all the lagging and cheating to start when i iain am on the attsck.
    I was thinking he may name Sting. What you say may be true though, cause why else would Taker be on the heel side?

    Sbe would make you leave her room feeling like a woman.
    Just think, we went from Reigns vs Brock, Taker vs Cena and HHH vs Rollins to Reigns vs HHH and Bray vs Brock.

    It's a massive joke.
    Yep. There is no way anyone can think of Bray winning. They'll have to spend weeks of having Wyatts getting the upper hand, but there is flaws in that in that Brock doesn't work for that long and I'm not sure Brock would want to be beat down every Raw until WM. They've really messed up Bray Wyatt.

    :lmao: at that WF post. Taker/HHH 4 you know.
    Because he's a moron like the rest of them.

    Well WWE has done it. I do not care for Reigns anymore. He'll beat HHH for the title at WM, but I honestly do not give a shit. I know the majority of 'smarks' never liked him, but I was a fan, but they've ruined him for me now. All thanks to HHH.

    Lesnar will beat Wyatt at WM and what does it do for Wyatt? Again, not a big Wyatt fan, but they obviously think he a part of their future, so why are they burying him continuously?

    Backwards company.

    :cena: just got surgery and Reigns has already taken his spot and now his woman :hogan:
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