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  • who had been cheating Haribo as you can see I iain73 hate cheats on pes and fifa. mind you I used to cheat my self on fifa09 then every one caught on and did it them self`s. then I just though was is the point. I do not like people cheating against me so why cheat so I never done again. it just spoils the game. you are still getting people cheating yet even do this day on both pes and fifa
    what a strange coincidence, i was looking at that girl on tuesday and searching for more pics and was going to post something sick about her....but then noticed she was dead and stopped. Imagine my shock to open up my profile and see that pic in large format. Like a ghost.
    Starting to think it'll be Reigns/Brock again with Reigns as the champ this time. Rollins/HHH.
    Third one is definitely the best! Poor kid, I hope you didnt laugh at old was his sister :phil:
    “Seth Rollins is a great wrestler. I have nothing but respect for him,” Hart said. “He’s been a good champion. He’s a hard-working wrestler, although I can’t say I forgive him for kneeing John Cena in the face the way he did, just cuz that’s….you can’t make mistakes like that in a pro wrestling ring, and you can’t call yourself a great wrestler when you make those kinds of mistakes.”

    Taker/Sting is gonna happen, so I can't see Taker/Brock III. Plus, I think they've left it as we know Brock 'won' the match, so it won't need to go on.

    I honestly have no clue what they are going to do with him though. Maybe that Wyatt monster? :jordan2:
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