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  • After PES2012 I vowed never to play PES again. PES2013 however is easily the best thing Konami have made in at least 6 years.
    The IT Helpdesk or service desk is 1st line support, that really doesn't interest me. 2nd Line support means not being tied to a desk. Which I'd prefer.
    Ah, well the job I want to do in IT is 2nd line support, basically mobile IT support around the plethora of buildings we have.
    Money is better and its practical experience I can use for better job opportunities in the future in IT.

    I've never had to do so much quality checking and thinking at work prior to this!
    Well, we get sun in the South and the rain doesn't pound so hard on my head to leave me bald so its not so bad, Mark Hughes being useless aside and my my new role at work is light years from what I did previously, its challenging, something I'm not used to. I have no problem with it but its a whole new level of pressure.
    Speaking of shit. Don't eat Reece's Peanut Butter cups. Laxative in a bag.
    You make me sound like constipation :laugh:

    I know I'm full of shit before you even go there! :cringe:
    Fingers crossed that a lack of points won't be a problem at the end of the season.
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