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  • Oh aye, season has been a bit of shambles all in all really from Briatore dragging his heels over transfer funds, to then selling the club for as much as he could wring out of it. If we survive it'll be something of a miracle.
    Oh hai sailor :D

    How are things, well I could do with improving my diet. Whenever I have time off work I bloat out due to appalling eating habits. Thankfully when I'm at work I eat properly.

    What's new with you old bean? I see we lost 2-0 today, hopefully Young's cheating won't cost us in the long run as Derry will be a big miss for us in midfield against Swansea.
    Sounds like a typical Microsoft issue! I had numerous problems with my Xbox 360, had the red lights on a couple of occasions only for it to fix itself, somehow. The blasted thing would always overheat as well.
    Whaaat?! Won't play through on 50hz?! I thought it was a direct port with improved frame rate.
    Had an Xbox and was never particularly impressed with it. The only thing I'll consider getting one for now is the old Hitman Blood Money game, which I'm still incredibly nostalgic for.
    It also serves as a secondary heater for whatever room it is in due to the absurdly loud fan.
    Cosmic. I guess I'll have to play Shove ha'penny to kill the time. Its like the war all over again.
    Keep your hair on! ... Oh wait ... :joel: ...

    I'm getting it on payday which is next Tuesday slappy so I'll be on GT5 then. It better be worth the expense! :D
    These shades of green are not becoming of an erudite scholar, in fact I find the erstwhile colour scheme quite edacious. Perhaps a leaning towards something eru'bescent would be more suitable?
    It reminds me of my last eye test at Vision Express. I couldn't see a thing for the green.
    You sound like you are describing a Satanists wet dream ... waaaat da hale have you done your page now? Green and Green?!
    That skin looks dreadful by the way, the dark green skin is certainly a nicer looking jobby.

    It probably wouldn't be so bad on a different version of vBulletin but it clashes to hell on this version.
    So you are, I have 8,856, in considerable less time. You must be visiting my page 100 times a day (fnar)

    Bored or not, its an unusual combination. A bit Saints Row in fact. A bit Joker as well.
    Haha what gave it away?

    I feel like shit, slept until around 4pm. Missus has the right hump about it.

    By the way, what the hell have you done to you page, Magenta text?! :folarm:
    They'll be partying like its 1899 while you away. As much as people in penury can. So I'm told. Basically like us.

    What have you got planned for next week aside from getting up early to splash the pate, before complaining its far early on a Monday morning to be up on a day off.

    The only problem with having time off is the fallout when you return. Have fun with that :D
    Oh hai there sausage :D.

    Good to see this page back up ... Ooh its like the grand opening of a Lidl's :lol:

    I'm alright, had a stinking cold followed by the gut rot from hell earlier in the week. Other than that I've been living the 'dream' so to speak, i.e skint doing fuck all.

    Lucky bastard, I've only got next Thursday off.
    My other half's daughters cat Max behaves a bit like a dog in that he will fetch items. He can also open food, the whiskers treat packets

    He can't get the lid off so he will break the plastic open on the base. He'll bite and claw until he can get a paw inside the plastic to get at them ... oh and he eats food off his paws like a squirrel as well.

    My two are just dopey, lolling around on their backs meowing. Well I say Meowing Dexter chirps/squeaks, he can't actually meow, its like he's been on the helium :lol:
    They're very charismatic our feline companions, in some ways I look at my cats as my children :laugh:

    It's hard not to worry about them in that sense :(
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