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Legend combinations


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^^^ Use "dribbling" or "shooting star" moulds .

Thanks for the tip. I tried both, the shooting star mould yielded me the pinpoint passer -ability, whereas the dribbling mould gave me the classic no. 10 I was after.

Overall ability on both these two moulds was horribly low though, with 61 the best I could manage.

Question is, which special ability is of more use to me, if I'm looking to play killer through balls to the strikers from an AMF's position?

I've so far been playing with an AMF of 64 overall ability (only special ability is the 1-touch play), which had risen to a measly 67 after the first season. My main problem was the fact that my team's strikers never made any such runs that I could have put them through with killer passes. Don't know whether the problem was my player's OVR ability, which is very low, the lack of special abilities such as the classic no. 10, the 4-4-2 diamond midfield -tactic of my team, or the sheer impotency of my team's strikers.


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If I were you, I'd go for low technique and high physical stats.For one simple reason, technical stats are easy to train. For those killer passes you need to build an attack with more bodies, use dummy runners to create space.If there's little men up front you'll waste time trying to pass it through 4 defenders.I also advise you to work your bottom off on D,nothing helps to build chemistry more than this.Good chemistry equals better team movement and awareness.I'm not sure if "pinpoint pass" is better or worse (I'm yet to start midfield career) than "classic 10" but while creating a player MAKE SURE you get as many good cards as you can.I.e. I started my CF career as 58ovr, but my physical and speed stats were C and D, I also managed to get Fox in the box, 1 touch, outside curve and long range drive from the very beginning!!!I'm more than delighted, my ovr is rising slowly,but skill cards help A LOT!


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If I were you, I'd go for low technique and high physical stats.For one simple reason, technical stats are easy to train. For those killer passes you need to build an attack with more bodies, use dummy runners to create space.If there's little men up front you'll waste time trying to pass it through 4 defenders.I also advise you to work your bottom off on D,nothing helps to build chemistry more than this.Good chemistry equals better team movement and awareness.I'm not sure if "pinpoint pass" is better or worse (I'm yet to start midfield career) than "classic 10" but while creating a player MAKE SURE you get as many good cards as you can.I.e. I started my CF career as 58ovr, but my physical and speed stats were C and D, I also managed to get Fox in the box, 1 touch, outside curve and long range drive from the very beginning!!!I'm more than delighted, my ovr is rising slowly,but skill cards help A LOT!

Building up attacks is not the key in my situation, since I have no problems with slowly building attacks and getting many team mates in decent positions, i.e. 3-4 forwards/side midfielders in or around the box with me behind them in a position to play the killer ball.

But what never happens in these situations, is an even-remotely-clever run made by one of these decently situated team mates of mine --> this eventually results in me trying a through ball to a team mate who is a) not moving in any direction, or b) coming towards me to receive the ball with their back against the goal. Both of these scenarios mean that it is impossible for me to succeed in playing a through ball for my forwards to get clean through on goal. If I don't try a through ball, I usually just make a simple pass to one of the side midfielders or wing backs, who just cross the ball into the box for the opposition defenders to clear.

I want to know if one of these special skills (i.e. pinpoint pass, classic no. 10) could actually make my team's forwards make better (or any) forward runs?

I've tried setting the assist support to a minimum, but still my through balls are directed by the computer to go straight to the feet of the opponent's defenders, no matter how much I try to steer them away from their feet.

What really annoys me, is that I used to be a real specialist in giving those defence splitting passes in the previous versions of BAL.


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You probably tried dozen combinations of one-two, and cuts, and hold up play. One thing comes to my mind.Readjusting, and competing training mode. You said that they eventually come to you, pass faster, as they are in the middle of run,and if they come, play one-two, or pass n run then call for ball, someone's gonna double you,It's like basketball,double me and I'll find open guy.Try it at least.Maybe you use wrong camera for spotting the run?


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Hi Everybody,

I'm new to the game and so far loving the difficulty. This game mode is addictive for me.

I need help creating a player who is good with dead ball situations ideal position would be AM, I've tried and tried changing everything but so far only managed to get place kicking ability to 75 :( has anyone got it higher?


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^^^ That has to be trained.Show some patience. You want to be damn Platini from start?


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Max Raiting what i see was 76 CMF.

but this is bad. Becose all point in Pass and Power.

if you want a best CMF need to create a strong player with bad skill passing and shotting but with good body balance and shoot power.
And then all training points in pass shooting and dribbling.
finaly you get a best cmf.

sorry for bad english.))

which mould? and how much trainingpoint did you gave to these two attributes?


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64 all rounder AMF speed merchant

i looped untill i got
ball control-80,a somewhat good short pass 80 and 79(acc. and speed), dribble speed-80
i put 2 focus point in all in allrounder
only speed merchant.
now it is really easy to get past defenders(ofcourse low rated)
and guess what after a half season, i asked my agent to get me in FCbarcelona and they bought me, but its tough to be selected in starting lineup there.


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Wow, that helped me a lot... i started 2 times already in BaL mode, and both got a really bad players, and even if ended up a season with both i was not really satisfied with them (quite weak, 60 overall and really bad stats... 64-65 at the end of the season). I really like this mode so i will try to do this SS you are saying here and let you know what i got :D

And about cards. i found a nice post about them for PES2012, here you have (credit to FiReFTW2011):

Playstyle Cards

P01 - Classic No.10 (AM) (Offensive)
An old-style static playmaker who makes use of deft touches and passes rather than pace or movement.

P02 – Anchor Man (DM, CM) (Defensive)
A deep sitting defensive midfielder protecting the back line.

P03 – Trickster (RB, LB, RMF, LMF, AM, RWF, LWF, SS) (Offensive)
A skilled dribbler who uses the step-over to great effect in wizarding past the opposition.

P04 – Darting Run (RB, LB, RMF, LMF, AM, RWF, LWF, SS) (Offensive)
A pacey player who likes to get forward.

P05 – Mazing Run (RB, LB, RMF, LMF, AM, RWF, LWF, SS) (Offensive)
A great dribbler whose quick turns and dummies are a handful for any defence.

P06 – Pinpoint Pass (SW, CB, RB, LB, DM, CM) (Offensive)
A long ball expert who can play quality passes from deep.

P07 – Early Cross (RB, LB, CM, RMF, LMF, AM, RWF, LWF (Offensive)
A player with great vision who won't miss the chance to hit an early cross.

P08 – Box to Box (DM, CM, RMF, LMF, AM) (Offensive)
The indefatigable all-action player covering every blade of grass for the full 90.

P09 – Incisive Run (RB, LB, RMF, LMF, AM, RWF, LWF, SS) (Offensive)
A dribbler whose expertise is to cut in from the wide areas looking for goal scoring opportunities.

P10 – Long Ranger (SW, CB, RB, LB, DM, CM, RMF, LMF, AM, SS) (Offensive)
A player who needs no invitation to shoot and will always try to create space for a shot.

P11 – Enforcer (DM, CM) (Defensive)
A tough combative player whose sole purpose is to keep the opposition attack in check.

P12 – Goal Poacher (SS, CF) (Offensive)
A predatory striker who plays off the shoulders of the last defender.

P13 – Dummy Runner (SS, CF) (Offensive)
A player who attracts the defence to create space for other players to exploit.

P14 – Free Roaming (CM, RMF, LMF, AM, SS) (Offensive)
A player with a keen eye for goal who surges forward at any given opportunity.

P15 – Talisman (CM, RMF, LMF, AM) (Offensive)
The talisman who can drive the entire team forward.

P16 – Fox in the Box (CF) (Offensive)
A striker who lurks in the opposition 18 yard box just waiting for the ball.

P17 – Offensive Fullback (LB, RB, CB) (Offensive) - NEW
A Defender who likes to join in the attack and lay siege on the opposition goal at every given opportunity.

P18 – Track Back (SS, CF) (Defensive)
A forward who likes to track back and help out the defence.

Skill Cards

S01 – 1-touch play
Improves the player’s first touch when passing and shooting.

S02 – Outside Curve
Improves touch when using the outside of the foot.

S03 – Long throw
Improves the range on long throws.

S04 – Super-Sub
Improves player’s abilities when introduced late in the game.

S05 – Speed Merchant
Enables Special High Speed Turns.

S06 – Long Range Drive - NEW
A player who can hit some wicked dipping shots from far out. A real nightmare for goalkeepers.

S07 - Shoulder Feint Skills
Improves technique and precision when executing the Matthews Feint and the Upper Body Feint.

S08 - Turning Skills
Improves technique and precision when executing the Cross Over Turn.

S09 – Roulette Skills
Improves technique and precision when executing the Marseille Roulette or the One-footed Roulette.

S10 – Flip Flap Skills
Improves technique and precision when executing the Flip Flap or Reverse Flip Flap.

S11 – Scissors Skills
Improves technique and precision when executing the Step Over Techniques including Step Over Dummy and Reverse Step Over Dummy.

S12 – Flicking Skills
Improves technique and precision when Lifting the Ball or executing the Rainbow Flick.

S13 – Step On Skills
Improves technique and precision when executing the L Feint, Drag Back Turn, Drag Back, Backheel Feint or when taking touches with the sole of your foot.

S14 – Side Stepping Skills
Improves technique and precision when executing the Sideway Dribble, Sideway Scissors and Sideway Step Over.
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Every owner of a game has your description of play and skill card in game.In fact it's copied word by word from game's description.But I'm sure people who have no idea where it is , will find it interesting.


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Hehehe never found it, and like this is easier to search in it ;)

Oh, btw, anyone got a good mould for a LWF or RWF?? Ive been trying for ages many of them with no luck... I am looking for a 8form with good speed and long pass accuracy...

I use all rounder with 1 in shoot 4 in pass and 1 in power and all i got max was a 62 with this stats and just pinpoint card... any better combinations?


Long Range Drive is in many cases just bad to possess. It also makes shooting look weird with that player. I wish they would reduce the range for this card to kick in to inside the box, because then it's mostly useful.


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what about the height and weight of the player you create - how will this effect the abilities of them (if at all)

I have created 2 so far - a CF that was tall and big build - the result I got was plenty of power and strength but not the best in terms of speed, stamina and ball control etc. Still, scores plenty with deadly shooting and heading ability.

For a change I created a CM (much for fun to play with) and this time i went for a shorter and smaller build. The results has been a quick crisp passer with plenty of energy to do a good shift in midfield but low power and strength.

I never experimented with adjusting the height/weight on each during creation. Has anyone tried this and seen a noticeable difference?


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noticeable difference? No, I don't think it's noticeable. It's enough.. like when you change the focus points in trainning or the boots. It's enough, many players cannot see the difference but believe me: There is a difference.

Talking about PES is complicated. The learning curve is big. Some advanced players (I mean players since 10 years ago or more) don't know everything or even worse: they cannot be sure of what they know. If it's true or just a feeling trough the years.

For me is simple. PES is a Simulator. It's developed every year like a simulator. The physics in the game are beautiful. Things happen (and Im pretty sure) things not even planned for konami or the developers. I mean when two players crash each other (and this is since many years ago, not just now with the new impact engine or whatever is called, sorry for my bad english). when two players crash, many things are involved, not just stability or weight. Also if one was just in his feet and the other came with speed and power. You can move a big, heavy center forward with a tiny little player if you were the one who came with speed and power. that's why many noobs doesn't understand the game. they dont undestand why the denfender came faster to the ball than messi and so on.

There is a difference for each variable/stat in the game.

With each 'interaction' there are so many variables crashing each other, speed, stability, weight, jump, power, passing speed, everything with the good foot, everything with the bad foot. just beautiful.


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^^ Explain me then how Gervinho can outjump two towering CB from standing position. I saw this three times in one game. He scored a hattrick of headers, all from corners. He was standing and then rocketed to air, being head and shoulders above my CB's.They were 189 and 192cm I think.Oh I forgot, they were jumping as well.


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Yes, timing is very important, also knowing about real football takes away a lot of frustation in this game, BELIEVE ME.

About the importance of stats and skills, this is the first time I talk of these things in english, so sorry for my bad englizh..

take this example: Chicharito Hernandez playing for Manchester United.

Chicharito is a mexican striker, his role is to score many goals like many classic CF 'fox in the box' players like Cavani or Peter Crouch except that he isn't the classic fox in the box player.

When you analize Hernandez, you find he's not heavy, he's not tall but he's still good at doing his thing. What does he do to fulfill his role? If you watch his goals, he use a lot of speed, reaction and even explosive power to 'get ahead' of his opponents.

If this were a business, this would be the 'competitive advantage' of the player. This is the way I play these games with an STRATEGIC/TACTICAL approuch.

Let me talk about a completely different game, stay with me guys..

There was an online game for Xbox called Chromehounds, In this game you had to build a hound and you had at your disposal many things: from weapons to engines, chassis, cockpits, assist parts like infrared vision, sensors, coolers, many things. You had many options to build the hound.

What most of the players did was to build the hound with the best speed possible along with the best armor posible, and the best fire power possible and so on..

In doing this, you end with a very SIMILAR hound and the dinamic in battle was to fight 'hand to hand' 'muscle to muscle' to win a game.

You begin to STRUGGLE a lot for such a little gain.

The alternative was to play the game with an strategic aprouch (building a hound with a 'competitive advantage')

So I used to build a very light but 'faster than any other' hound. The dinamic were this: I played with it just if certain conditions were fullfilled, only in larger maps and so on.

Its competitive advantage were the speed so I could outflank the opponents using it.

It was so fast and the average opponent was so slow (even to rotate itself) , I could outflank the enemy with speed ALWAYS.

This is a picture I use to explain such thing:

And a guy using the same design like i did:

So, for me it's VERY important the design of the player and therefore the stats and skills.

You have to find a 'competitive advantage' but it has to be something realistic, something you can really use in the game.

I found it, for me is SPEED and DRIBBLING.

The first year we had BAL, I build a fast player with bad dribbling skills. Im left-handed so I built a left-footed player and I tried to play in the left. The result was insuficcient because I 'locked myself' and I began to struggle a lot. That's the moment when you have to develop skills with your fingers, and you have to make FANCY MOVEMENTS to get good results but even when you develop such skill, you still struggle a lot for such a little gain.

So, the next year I built the same guy but with good dribbling skills and I began to play in the right, a left footed from the right, like messi or robben. My competitive advantage were speed + dribbling.

Playing like this, you get a bigger repertorie to beat the opponent.

I played EASY, using my competitive advantage, even with the limitation of 95 per stat we still had that year. My performance were very good:

In 2011, I made the same design except that with the changes in developing from Konami, I really didn't make a good work and my player ended with just 98 overall. Taking as a reference: my other player ended with 107 overall even with the limitation of 95 per stat.

But even that 98 overall player had the competitive advantage of speed and dribbling when he had the ball in his feet, so it was 'ok'

I always make a player for each year but last year (2011) I made 2 and the second was 'ohh my god'. What can i say about the second player? I found a way to play the game like any other gamer. I found the edge of this beautiful simulator and the holy grail of the game. It ended with 109 overall but that's not important, the really important thing is that I played for 13 seasons in Barcelona (Top player) and I began to play REAL tiki-taka (johan cruyff) and REAL Total football (rinus michels).

It was insane, 15-30 passes before the goal, you can believe or not, I really don't care.

This year I made the same thing, playing in legendary or wathever the name is in english for the top difficulty now.

I spent only two years with a portuguese team and two years with villareal. The rest with Barcelona. I'm thinking about making a video with a save I have 2 years before retirement. =)

Talking about stability, I know many players online who say it's imposible for them to have a legend with less than 88 of stability.

For me it's more like 83-82. The reason is my speed/dribbling and the way I play the game.

I diminish those moments when my player has to struggle muscle to muscle with the defenders by using speed and dribbling.

Still need a minimum of stability for such little moments, for me it's 83-82. This year was 78 but this year I had 99 attack, 99 dribbling speed, 99 dribbling accuracy, 97 explosive power, 97 reaction, 97 top speed, 94 ball control and so on and I use a lot tiki taka and total football tactics so Im fine, believe me.

You have to find a strengh and work around it.

Besides my design, I used to think about a CF, fox in the box player.

let's think about that design: important stats would be stability, height, shoot acuracy, header.

Think in the dinamic of the game, let's go deeper:

Do you need passing? I don't think so, in any case you will need more passing speed than passing accuracy. Think about it, in most cases, you will receive the ball with the goalposts behind you and return it fast. You will be a WALL, so you need stability not just to impose yourself in the box also to cover an keep the ball when you receive the ball with the goal behind. And you will need passing speed for passing faster but no accuracy because your passes will be short, easy passes. You don't need it.

Even more, many of your passes will be first touch, to the back passes..

Talking about speed, Do you think you need dribbling speed or top speed? The first is the speed you can reach when you have the ball and the second is the speed you can reach when you don't have the ball.

Will you carry the ball that much? I don't think so. Remember, you are the fox in the box player. So you need top speed more than dribbling speed.

You will need dribling acuracy, of course, you will play very close to the defenders, and you will need shoot accuracy but not to much shoot power and so on. Like I said, there are a lot of variables colliding with each interaction.

I never did that player because the dependence you have to the rest of your team and dont get me wrong, im everything about teamwork but precisely because I know Im such a unique gamer and the others are individualistic, football ignorants, well, I never did it...

a real footballer fullfilling that role, watch it, analize it: