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List of underrated and overrated players.


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Henry is in this game like Pele, Maradonna, Garrincha and Duncan Edwards all in one with of Cruijff. He scores every free kick (the last time in reality i can't remember).

And Arouna Kone from PSV, is extremely under rated.


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Thats total bollocks, Saha is no way overated. He's UTD's main striker so he can't be that bad. Players like Adriano are way overated..

so where does rooney figure in man utd's attack? behind the french 3rd or 4th choice striker? i dont think so

he is over rated in strength


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Rio Ferdinand is the most overrated player in the last 2 PES games. He's like a tank when you playing against him. In a real match he wouldn't go into a dark room.


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true rio ferdinand way better on the game than IRL.
Fabregas way underrated, Arsenal dont even use him on my master league.


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Fabregas as usual is underrated, and suprised no one has mention alan smith as over rated, especially in master league, do konami see him as some sort of god? and I'm a man u fan. Haven't played with enough people yet to get a good idea, but fat ronaldo seems to have got better, and i think Totti is over rated, I dont keep up with Serie A particulary but he has always been a big let down in tournaments, hence i feel he's over rated.


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fabregas is 2 times as good in real life

"and i think Totti is over rated"-fully27

wha!! did you see when roma played ac in the san siro?
totti ripped them apart, scored a fantastic overhead volley, then scored the winner with 6mins left.
that doesnt sound like an overated player
konami have got to put a few tweaks on every player

konami dont care about accurate stats for unlicenced players
they just write in any numbers, but no one notices because they allways use the big teams
sorry that was just a general point, not about 1 player


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Crouch and Kuyt are underrated, whereas Fowler's overrated.

On the whole it's pretty accurate though.

Peter Crouch should be 1 on everything the piece of fuc king sh it

daddy longlegs scouse bas tard thief

Wow, feel the hatred. Did he touch you in the park when you were eight? (Just for your information, he's not scouse!)