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Manos + EduMadrids Bundesliga and N power Championship V 1.0


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  • 100% Premier League
  • 100% Serie A
  • 100% La Liga
  • 100% French League
  • 100% Dutch League
  • 100 % Bundesliga
  • 100% N power championship (Except logos due to limitations)
90% International teams completed.
Removed duplicate players from national teams.
Corrected all national player names.
Corrected names and logos competition.
Due to the lack of stadium slots these are the stadiums we will include:
Signal Iduna Park, Rhine-Neckar Arena, Elland Road, Emirates Stadium, Stamford Bridge, White Hart Lane, Anfield, St James' Park, The City Ground, Villa Park, City of Manchester Stadium, 2 Generic Bundesliga Stadiums, Two generic Championship stadiums, Eastlands, Goodison park, Craven Cottage, Upton Park.

Changed and added over 300 appearances by me and other face makers, updated nearly 500 player accessories to maximize reality when playing the game.

I am a perfectionist and i would not release this file unless it was perfect even down to the captain armbands every team has the closest resemblance to the armband they use.

Anybody can use this file as a base to change it to there liking as i just want to share if you need help let me know and i will be more than happy to help you :).

Lastly i would just like to thank all the contributors to help making this file and if i forgot anybody please say so and ill add you to the list
Rapid Vienna
Lg 360

I hope to have the link up by tuesday night :)


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It won't be done by tommorow sorry I'm giving it a dew more days due to the fact were adding the 2.bundesliga now instead as daymos is doing the n power

edgar 12

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hi, I and mikeduffy decided to remake all pes2011 so We are going to start from my edu madrid 2.0 but We 'll remake poor emblems teams, remake old kits, poor uniforms from premier etc. We are improve all Bundesliga incuging new players, faces, stats...We will correct poor emblems frombundesliga teams and improve all uniforms and kits...We will use Second Bundesliga in d2 that are ready in edu madrid 2.0 so we will just add kits and emblems...we will correct all international teams and add european stadiums...
So we are creating a ORIGINAL OPTION MADE BY US, without use Daymos or edgar or Drago....

So, I think just in next week the option will ready to use... maybe next monday or next tuesday... but finally you will have Bundesliga and Bundeslida 2 in quality way... In the future other mates can use our option to add Npower...We rae working to you habe all quality...

Come on man do not do it more obvious than it already is, have months and months talking about this OF, and mysteriously when I take mine, your work is accelerated and you are ready to launch your own?

Dayman and I know what kind of person they are, as the "world edition" is concerned, and are attentive to what will come, to unmask his "great and original" OF. And talk to the appropriate people for these things, and take action on the matter, for now I can give you a preview ...

Conversation Between mikeduffy (mano008 in pesfan or real name Michael):

02/01/2011 3:36:44 PM - Edgar [/ b] Michael What image you send me?
03/01/2011 3:55:36 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] finally finished the Bundesliga after Starting grids for last night Had the day off and forgot how long work heres They take the order so you know i didn't copy i Used with permission dragonskin version one except i defaulted Then all kits so i could re-do Them so i am only using historical emblems
03/01/2011 3:55:50 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] 30-schalke
03/01/2011 3:55:55 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] 31-dortmund
03/01/2011 3:56:04 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] 32-leverkusen
03/01/2011 3:56:11 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] 33-stuttgart
03/01/2011 3:56:27 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] sorry 30 is CSKA
03/01/2011 3:56:39 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] 34-M'gladbach
03/01/2011 3:56:45 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] 35-Frieburg
03/01/2011 3:56:55 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] 36-nuren burg
03/01/2011 3:57:06 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] 37-kaislertaun
03/01/2011 3:57:14 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] 38-frankfurt
03/01/2011 3:57:18 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] 39-St.Pauli
03/01/2011 3:57:27 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] 40-hannover
03/01/2011 3:57:36 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] 41-hofenheim
03/01/2011 3:57:42 PM - Edgar [/ b] Michael "?
03/01/2011 3:57:43 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] 42-mainz
03/01/2011 3:57:52 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] 43-koln
03/01/2011 3:57:59 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] 44-schalke
03/01/2011 3:58:13 PM Michael - Edgar [/ b] 45-havent yet DECIDED
03/01/2011 3:58:22 PM - Edgar [/ b] Michael i dont UNDERSTAND

Mysteriously each and every one of the emblems of my OF, are the same, and the same number of slots, that's just for now and will look after their players will be registered like that in my etc ... (Do not give them more ideas to not delete things, or change so that we do not realize all the kind of people they are)

Another thing that could contribute to this problem are the lack of respect that you have had two, one in my thread in pesgaming, and the other in his thread in the pesfan, but as there were enough men to hold what they said, erased their post so that nobody would notice what they said.

Boast faces when faces never seen anyone of real quality from any of you two, but hey, give more importance is magnified, so for now it all, already taken action on the matter when necessary.

PS This message is not for you, is for the entire PES community, dedicated to making your own work, and appreciate, and respect of others.

Here finally I think, and a comment I like a user:

Originally Posted by edgar 12
I'll be honest, now to Be More Than Any Other league thinking about, I'm thinking this will be my first and last OF, Because It's really frustrating to see, There Are Certain People, using my working hours, Appreciation for Meaning What I Did, Things just stealing from my OF (kits, faces, logos, etc. ..) [/ quote]

Even my ideas, to do Something Different in an OF, Have Also Been copied.

I'll give an example to you and all, make a simple logo for Any team, I take entre 40 minutes to an hour Depending on the difficulty.And if one decide to steal it, it will only take 1 or 2 minutes to copy .

Another thing, Many People Who Know FSAP for me from my faces, I'm not the best face maker or anything, But I really think I do Something Worthwhile, I think, if it Would Not as Many visits make my thread, or my forum. A good face, Takes a Long Time to Reach to touch perfection That result, Each face say, It Takes an average of 20 minutes, and is, someone eat back in the OF, It Takes 2 minutes, and boasts to Have Someone Who Knows That the number of face in historical OF, When in reality one is Something blatant, Boasting a job That Did not make, That you only copy.

I DO NOT say so leave my OF, as in the future will continue with the updates, and another version for the D2 league, But at this point is really frustrating to see Such people, is to take Advantage of the work of others (Including Dayman and dragonskin, They Are the best 360-OF-makers know, and They inspire me to make my own OF.)

It really gets to a point Where I've got no desire to post the formulas in my faces, Because They Will continue again and again "stealing" and Becoming Creditors of a Work That Is Not theirs.

It's a long speech, But I really HAD to say, in order to take Into account your suggestion on the 2. Bundesliga at the moment I think That rule out the Npower as Dayman work and That, and It Would Be Disrespectful to copy your project, además That It Makes No Sense to do the Same, the idea is to offer Something Different to people, and Another ruling out the Series B, Out There Because I think I saw someone Who Had That project also. It is a future project, But I Would Be the 2 options. Bundesliga and Liga Adelante Spain.

I use google translator, sorry.

I use photoshop and edit movies so I can image how your work timeconsuming Must Have Been, But Please Remember That There Are lots and lots of people do really Appreciate That What You Are Doing and Dayman. You make the game Even Better with your OF's. Do not quit Just Because Of Some bad apples [/ quote]


PD One last question "edu" did you say this:

01/01/2011 08:04:40 p.m. Michael - Edgar ive only got it and im not home until tomorrow but he sent me this with it but you never seen this ok
01/01/2011 08:05:02 p.m. Michael - Edgar mike I'm not sure that edgar made that faces in orginal job. I think he copy a lot of faces from others mates...if you notice you'll see that faces are common in pes20011' world like in pes3 for example... but if you think it's a disrespct ok

Even among things you can trust, you see, and believe that others will be able to rely on "their work"!!!!

Any questions or clarification, I'll be checking this post, only this time, will not erase your post.

PD2 You say that you didnt use any file? or what it is...

03/01/2011 03:55:36 p.m. Michael - Edgar finally finished the grids for bundesliga after starting last night and had the day off work forgot how long they take heres the order so you know i didnt copy i used dragonskin with permision version one except i defaulted all kits so then i could re-do them so i am only using his emblems

and even your masterpiece "edu madrid 2.0" its for other guy from PES 2010!!! you only want it to convert to pes 2011!! :no:

edgar 12

Registered User
Come on edu, be a man and say the other things, and also in that I blame you michael? in pesfan when disrespected me by saying that steal things, that the faces were not mine, and not that much talk, was with the username of it, but msn told me it was you that because you had given your password to enter the pesfan.

Do not ask me why I am so angry, trying to make the victim, or trying to make me look bad, accept what you've said, period.

Let's face it once.


hi, I have apreciated your job...I have recomended people use your option...why are you so angry????
I'çç not use your base or drago or daymos...I and Mikduffy will create an original job. maikeduffy alwys respect you and daymos... He did a option based in daymos but he din't use to realise because of the espect to what are yoy so angry?

He told me that you were the one who did that, up on that are contradictory.

edgar 12

Registered User
Na, i dont need you in my msn, we can talk right here mate.

I have nothing to hide, to talk in private.


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Edgar what a twat you sound like I have assured you many times none of your work is going to be used and now edu is assuring you aswell why are you getting so offended and none of us said ours will be better this isn't a competition it's an option file we are just offering something different we are not making the n power because daymos is and that is disrespect. We are not using any of your work because that is disrespect but what you are doing now that is disrespect and I don't see what your getting out of it as we are still going to release our own file. And no offece but why would we use any of your emblems yes they are good but both I and edu own xbox vision cams so we are using them. When we release our file and you see that it is all our original work..... My god your gonna feel stupid for posting everything you said

edgar 12

Registered User
Edgar what a twat you sound like I have assured you many times none of your work is going to be used and now edu is assuring you aswell why are you getting so offended and none of us said ours will be better this isn't a competition it's an option file we are just offering something different we are not making the n power because daymos is and that is disrespect. We are not using any of your work because that is disrespect but what you are doing now that is disrespect and I don't see what your getting out of it as we are still going to release our own file. And no offece but why would we use any of your emblems yes they are good but both I and edu own xbox vision cams so we are using them. When we release our file and you see that it is all our original work..... My god your gonna feel stupid for posting everything you said

Did you say me "stupid"??

The quality of your work? same again? good to see the quality of your work again ...

Ok mate i try to be respectful, but now you say that i copy things, coming to edu that never made a single OF and just what became of the PES 2010 to PES 2011.

My OF, is made of 100% for me, make it clear. Before making a public OF, had my personal OF with kits of OF PES 2010.


Of edu all knew that they used other things, without authority, that more clear than in pesgaming Daymos said. And what I see, you also want to use my faces, without my permission.

hi Daymos!!!! I am almost finishing my proposal... I did some Bunseliga Teams like Dortmund, Shalke, Hamurger, Leverkusen and cska and Lokomotiv adding in your v2 npower and I wish that guys have fun with this of untill your v3 but first I need your permission to do you permit?

Dude, you obviously didn’t read what I wrote on page 3 in your option file post.

It may look out of context if all the replies before it are not seen.

But as a reminder look here.


'I thought you already made a Bundesliga file??

Use that and chill out..

I don't know what your on about with konami stats, I'm creating german players as I did with the npower players getting stats from the same places.

You said you wasn't interested in npower before so why the big turn around?

I've released my file and everyone knows I'm adding the Bundesliga to my file.

All I'm saying is if you said to me your taking my file to add the polish, Russian, Irish, Australian, brazillian, american or any league other league then I'd say you take the **** but cool

But your trying to tell me your adding the Bundesliga over my file so you can release it which is what I'm doing already but obviously with quality control.

Why don't you keep using your file and create the npower yourself or try another 2nd league from around the world.

If you can't understand what I'm saying then I'll stop here.. But it's obvious man'.

#######END OF QUOTE#########

So since its not obvious what I'm saying ill explain.

There is an unspoken thing between option file makers called Respect.

Now its not really good practice to talk down on another mans OF creation (unless provoked) as he’s only expressing himself creatively just as I am, so all can share the hard work.

However although my file isnt perfect I’m confident on my level of quality being one of the highest on the Xbox 360 (barring the patches that have logos on shorts and socks etc as they are brilliant)

All the option file makers out there create their own stuff or they base their file on someone else’s with permission usually when they choose to take the file in a different direction to the original creator.
For example, last year some people used my v1 as a base to do their stuff when I was using v2 and v3.

Naturally the creator knew he wasn’t messing up my plans because whatever he was creating was not conflicting with my work or any work to come thats why he had my blessing.

Now you've openly described your plans to take anyone’s file for instance my v3 and make changes and realise it.. WTF..

Everyone is free to make any changes as many do and add their pub teams etc but they never re-release it.

There’s a guy making a file with the 2nd Dutch league over my npower file and he has my full blessing because what he is doing is different to me and I think is brilliant for the fans.

Why would you want to release what I’m doing already with my file when it’s not your work to begin with?? Your actions would only flood the market with clones?

This part you just don’t understand.

Ill explain in a bit more detail what I think.

I’ve been making files for a few years now and I actually conduct market research so I know weather its worth making the next version etc.

If no one downloads my file then it means there’s no point in releasing it and ill only make it for myself at home... for example.

When an option file is released you get many downloads within the 1st month.

Lets call it 10

Now when v2 comes out the numbers get less and less possible due to people being happy with what they have already of perhaps they just don’t want the haste to install it etc.

So for v2 lets call it 5

Now when there’s a release in the New Year Jan transfer window you get about 2 or 3

Now back to having respect for other option file makers.

I knew dragonskin was making the bundesliga file and I knew I wanted to make both the npower and bundesliga file.

I could have made the bundesliga 1st but I chose to make the npower 1st and 1 of the reasons was so dragonskins file and mine were not the same.

People could have a choice.

Then people like you come along and rape our hard work and take the ****.

Now you asked to contribute / dictate towards my v3 file and from your comments and actions over the last few months your just not worthy to join my team. (this is nothing to do with technical ability although that does not help you either)

I wouldn’t be able to trust you with my master file.. You’ve probably release the half finished copy when I’m asleep.

Matbianco and Wolf_Cesar are gents and we have a structured plan to bring 3 versions of v3 with 2 options either way. As explained on the 1st page.

There may be a lot of confusion but we are confident that between the 3 of us we can minimise the fuss and the option file will be very good.

Also because we all use the same kit data it means people only need to swap the edit data if they want to swap files to use another league.

If someone were to take only the edit data from another OF then all the kits would be messed up meaning you would have to swap every file.

Now edu I know you have a following of 2 or 3 people if I remember correctly who said the npower isn’t important also they said quality emblems are not important.

That’s fine but adopt your methods with your own file that you worked hard on and created… NOT MINE!!!

I’ve failed to mention that if you release my file before I release what i’ve been planning for months.

It may mean v3 isn’t worth the sweat the 3 of us are putting into it.

If someone came and said can they release a version of MY file with either the Portuguese or Scottish league id say exactly the same thing.


Another thing..

There’s people selling crap files with no pics on the net and also there’s people selling an old version of my file.

I’ve now put my file on ebay to combat these fakes I don’t really make major money as such but these fakes are charging £15 or £12 for one of these files and I cant stand there and see people either get a crappy file or see someone benefit from mine.

I have put this on ebay for much cheaper and I break even so everyone is happy.

Now I have bought some stock to cover me until Jan/ Feb.

Because I actually have videos, links to these forums and also my facebook page, people know I’m actually Daymos

So now before people buy blindly on ebay, they prefer my file, as they know its legit, plus I send them free updates.

Now if you release your quick fix low quality file based on mine then you will also mess up my fanatical plans.

Ebay will be filled with npower / bundesliga fake files and unless your planning to cover me for my lost expenses then don’t do it.

Again I’m not sure if you understand so ill explain one last time.

Imagine we are both filmmakers.

I have made the Matrix and it was a big film.

Years later I make the Matrix Part 2 and it’s a big hit spawning the animatrix which you created and loads of conspiracy and theory’s about the hidden meanings.

Later I announce to the fans that I’m making The Matrix Part 3

Now because you can’t wait you make your version of the Matrix Part 3 and plan to release it as a stopgap until my film releases weeks later.

Your film wont have the special effects and wont be up to the same standard but its there for the fans.

Ok but if this doesn’t happen in Hollywood does it. No because there’s a thing call common courtesy between creative people.

Why don’t you make a spin off of your own film and create a mini series or something.

As you don’t understand, I do not consent to what you want to do only because of the timing. I do not wish for it to tarnish my hard work and when I tell people here v3 with the Bundesliga they would say nah it’s alright my mate gave me that already.

However if your people wish for you to send to them individually that’s up to you.

Some may think I take this seriously, I do especially when Ive spent too many hours to offer a free service and all my planning and hard work can get compromised just like that.


Now you say, your OF will be better than mine? I will not say anything about it, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Yours kits:

My kits:

Now your faces:

My faces:

Well good luck with your OF alot better than mine :/

PD Make it clear that never wanted to start a discussion about this, I said things in a good way, only to respect my work, and you end up saying insults about my job.

PD2 and most important... Dont use any of my work (FACES), PLEASE,I try to be sensible, I even offered to make all the faces you'll need for your Npower and offer something that Dayman does not, because with all due respect, as the kits have little to do against him. But decided to do things this way, it was your decision.


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dgar you just dont seem to get it i didn call you stupid i said the things you were saying are stupid as they are untrue i started this file from scratch after talking to you on msn last night i assured you that none of your work or anybody elses work would go in it would be only mine and edus as the time zones are different we work on it much easier when he sleeps i sleep and other way round thats how we are now making progress its alot easier with a partner. I tought of you as a good friend in this community but now i dont i cant trust you and the disrespect you showed me in this thread man come on i have better things to be doing. im not starting an arguement or a fight as its people like you who make people not want to edit i mean i was just offering all leagues edited and you go and piss on it you have been nothing but disrespectful to our file even after me explaining to you that it was my work and the emblems i was using your file at the time i forgot so i read yours by accident mine are completely different but of course you dont believe that either. The faces all faces are my own and i explained to you about the hair on msn and you said that was fine for example lucas barios there are several face makers using nenes hair from psg so my file would be the same for obvious hairs that i have found myself how is that so hard to believe. it makes me wonder is it worth putting in all this time like 2 weeks or however long it takes due to other prioritys as you stated such as work, girlfriends and family to get this much crap. I used to come on these forums to share my edits they may not be as good as yours or others but i try as there is alot of requests out there. My file was done using a vision cam yours with grids i dont have alot of time so i wont get to clean up alot of emblems so they will look grey and washed out but i just want a second league and edu offered to help. now if we wanted to disrespect you we would use all your work as a base but were not so i cant see the problem you have with that. I just dont think its worth the hastle spending hours just to get disrespected so i dont think im going to continue on threads like these as i have much better things to do than write a story on explaining myself, edu and our file


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Okay, things have really got out of hand, and I feel like acting as a mediator so here goes...

Everyone should jujst stick to their own threads for a few days, cool down a bit.

Edgar - If someone makes an underhand comment, don't reply - literally act like it never happenned and play on regardless. Keep to your own thread.
Manos / Duffy - Same as Edgar really, don't reply. If you want to take chunks out of each other do it in private. Don't let it spill out into the forums, no-one benefits from that.
Edu - Keep yourself to yourself to a bit. Don't venture into Edgar's thread and things should remain civil until this cools off. Try to avoid comparisons between this and Edgar's OF.

Now you'll all probably see me as a pretentious so and so, but you have to understand I'm trying to do this for the better.
Things being petty as they are is helping no-one, and it gets tedious very quickly.


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Your right hammeredpizza. I live in a different timezone to both edgar and edu and i woke this morning to this after i had a private chat with edgar and assured him none of his files would be used. So im not releasing a file due to the disrespect i received and im using daymos v2 with a bundesliga which i created myself for my own personnal use