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Master League Young Players & Good Transfers


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Missing Players From List!!!

DunkTheJunk your list of young players for ML is very good but you have missed out on a few and they are:

1) Zaki-CF ( He plays for Wigan and is quite easy to get.He is a amazing goalscorer and develops very quickly but the only bad thing is he is the fast striker of all, but in 3 seasons i scored 192 GOALS WITH JUST HIM, so that shows he can definitely finish).

2) Kim U Don-GK ( He is a newcomer and is quick easy to get. If you get him when he first becomes available then you are very lucky and you will have a goalkeeper for life. He develops very quickly and not only that he is a one-on-one stopper and a penalty stopper. Can't ask for any more.)

3) Ludovic Obraniak-MF ( He plays for Lille and also is quite easy to get. He also develops very quickly, especially his long pass accuracy and speed which only having him for two seasons is already 95 and not only that after two seasons he has assisted 60 GOALS, WHICH IS AMAZING.)

4) Benoît Trémoulinas-WB ( He plays for Bordeaux. After only three seasons his pace will be amazing and is 95 for both top speed and acceleration.)

5) Stéphane Ruffier-GK (He plays for Monaco. He is quite young and he develops quite quickly for a goalkeeper. After 3 seasons his Defense is 96 and keeper skills is 94.)

6) Chaouki-MF ( He plays for Nice. He becomes one of the best midfielder's in the game. He also develops fast and becomes a pace wizard and also can finish. )

7) Altidore-CF ( He plays for Villarreal. He is must have striker because he is the full thing. His body balance becomes in 90's very quickly and h has pace and also can finish.

8) Briand-CF ( He plays for Rennes. He also is a very good strikers and after only a few seasons he will be as good as Pato and maybe even better. He has lighting speed and good finisher, e.g 95 for both acceleration and top speed and his shot accuracy is 91. He is worth buying and is quite easy to get hold of. )

9) Santon-WB ( He plays for Inter Milan. He is only 18 but develops very fast and after a few seasons he is better than Dani Alves)

Season 4
Won Every Trophy Already

GK: Kim U Don
DF: Sergio Ramos, Trémoulinas, Rami, Raul Albiol.
MID: Montolivo, Chaouki, Obraniak (Overall Top Assist), Giovinco
CF: Zaki (Overall Top Scorer), Briand


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oo im back :eek: havn't been on for a while.
I know i missed a lot, but after i while i really couldnt be bother to keep up with adding players:). Thanks for the comments tho guys:). PES2010!


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You also forgetting about Mokran

Yea..... I liked Zaki as well, about 400-500PES, very cheap and he is very effective.

However STATSwise check on Mokran, he is from the same country as Zaki is, all stats are 95+ at age 22 (Except for GK), so think about his potential, I think he is the best player of the game stats wise offcourse. ( In order to assure he is the best on the field I would have to test all the others LOL )

Its not an edited player or from a patch, I have PES2009 PS2.

Check him out, search him by name and you will see!


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Nobody metioned Micehl Bastos yet? I don't know what stats he starts at but I know he wasn't great but after 1 season his overall rockets to 92. He plays anywhere down the flanks.


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let me tell you players who are the best for ML.
1)Torres CF
2)Zarate SS-CF
3)Aquero SS-CF
4)Lavezzi SS-CF
5)Silva AMF-SMF
6)C.Ronaldo WG SS
7)Messi SS
8)Montolivo AMF
9)Giovinco SMF
10)Rooney AMF-SS-CF
12)Kompany CB
13)Micah Richards CB
14)Agger CB
15)Bonnart LB
16)Sergio RAmos RB
17)Frey GK
18)Casillas GK
19)Buffon GK


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u should really check out these players:-
GK's:- Ramon(Spain,not sure!!), Hong Yong Nam(S.Korea).
RSB's:- Bustos(Italy), Ebondo(France).
LSB's:- Camara(he's right footed but can play both sides)
DMF:- De La Red(Argentina or Spain)
CMF:- Javi Martinez(Spain), BradleyEngland)


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Odonkor is good because he has 95 spd 98 acc 90 agi and 98 drib/spd and you just offer him a contract,so his "free" actually.Foggia is also "free" i think and he is a very good player.Other than that keep an eye on Abgonlanhor,Valbuena,Chapi,Diego,A.Ferdinand,Kaizer,Drenthe,Higuain,Giovinco,Montolivo,Aquilani,Raul Albiol,Balotelli and Zarate.

Foggia is an excellent player and he improves a lot. He is always in my masterleague teams. I also have Agbonlanhor as my reserve forward, he is good to bring on later in the game when there are some tired legs.


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I've always replace all the default players with cheap younger ones, with 5000 pts to spent my team is made up of players below 400 points, keep in mind i need 16 players to move on, filled it up with koreans and japs. Here's the best youngster in my team Caceres CB, Park Chu Young SC, Harnik SS, Falcao SC. All below 400 points!

Park Chu Young and Harnik are great buys. Chu young already has good stats and Harnik's stats improve until he is almost super man


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Hi everyone,

here's my team:

GK: Lloris

RB: Micah Richards
CB: Varemaelen
CB: Heitinga
LB: Clichy

DMF: Sergio Ramos
LWF: Gouffran
RWF: Walcott

SS: Pato
SS: Ronaldo
CF: Balotelli


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* retired players who appeared again (tnx google traduction)