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Micro stuttering.


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Hello my gaming friends.

Since patch 1.02, I've been getting micro stutters while playing, even though i have the latest video drivers and my system is good enough to run much higher graphically intensive games Skyrim, MW3 etc...

But Pes seems to stutter quite a bit although fraps says it's running at a solid 60fps.

I've tried messing around with card settings and game setting to no avail, even tried rivatuner with all it's addon stuff.

I have a 460 GTX 1gb, core2duo 3.33ghz with 4gb ram.

my system isn't a beast but it should run PES2012 with it's eyes shut.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


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Yes, I have as well. I thought it was a server issue but found if I switched from Firefox to Safari I could get on. Try switching Internet Explorer chap and see if that helps.


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Not sure how my preferred browser will have any impact on stuttering game play. It happens in offline games.

It's fine most of the time, but every now and again I get micro stutter, it's not a major issue, but can be annoying if it happens at key times in a match.

I've heard something about certain cards switching to 2d clock from 3d clock on games with lower requirements but have no idea how to keep in on 3d clock all the time.


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PES 2012 has a low motion capture which makes the game rough and stuttery which is why I play it now on 480p as anything higher than that will make the game stuttery and jagged