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MyClub...what's the secret!?


Registered User
Seriously, I need some pro advice! I really would like to have fun with MyClub but there's a problem: Everybody seems to be better than me - even the lower rated gamers.
I'm no beginner; playing PES since PES 2011 and I know the controls, some tricks and it's not like I'm loosing all the time but when it comes to online matches it almost always feels like the opponent players have a much better responsiveness than mine, are able to play much more accurate through balls, have much more room to pass, can tackle me in no time and the ball is jumping back to their feet permanently.

It doesn't really feel like lag, it feels describe it best...playing against the com on superstar level all the time.
Does the difficulty level of the GG.COM matches affect the human vs. human matches or am I really just a much worse player than everybody else?

By the way: I playing on PC with a wireless XBox 360 controller.


Registered User
Does none have an advice for me? I really would like to know why I'm always in disadvantage. I'm surely not the best player but why is MyClub like playing against the com on superstar level all the time? I mean, on superstar level the KI has this ultra fast responsiveness which allows it to tackle you before you're able to press the pass button for instance. In online matches it feels like my opponents always have the same responsiveness.
Is ist because I never spend money for coins? Does Konami disadvantage Users who don't spend money?