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New and Updated Playing Styles of PES2019: An Overview


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New and Updated Playing Styles of PES2019: An Overview
As I was looking up the profiles of some of the players in PES 2019, I noticed some new player styles as some of you might have too. You might be wondering what the new player styles are about, or you might not know about some of the changes to the current playing styles in PES 2018. I hope to present the information here in a helpful manner as to minimise any confusion or misinterpretation when PES 2019 arrives on mobile.

If there should be any differing opinions, let's discuss it in the comments so that we all can have an even better grasp on the effects of the playing styles.

As a reminder, playing styles only activate at the specific positions indicated, and is not dependant on their position on the field. These player styles do not affect the players' stats at all, they only affect the positioning and movement of the player.

Unchanged: Goal Poacher, Dummy Runner, Fox in the Box, Target Man, Anchor Man, Offensive Fullback, Defensive Fullback, Extra Frontman, Offensive Goalkeeper, Defensive Goalkeeper.

Creative Playmaker


Previously many assumed this player style to be applicable to the AMF position because of its name as well as the number of AMFs who had this playing style. However, in PES 2018 this player style simply referred to a player willing to drop deep from an advanced position to receive the ball nearer to the midfield.

New description: "A player who takes advantage of any opening in the defense to initiate attacks and assists in shots on the goal". My interpretation is that this type of player is willing to forgo their original position to move into any space available when in the final third. This will be most helpful to flexible possession based systems, especially with the increase in positions which trigger the playing style. The effect on SS, RWF, LWF will be similar to before, while now having a useful effect on AMF, LMF, RMF.

Prolific Winger Vs Roaming Flank (New)
A prolific winger makes diagonal runs from wide to the centre to score, with the help of incisive through balls and the like. From PES 2018 to PES 2019, the trigger positions remained the same (RWF, LWF only) while the descriptive text changed slightly, probably to accommodate Roaming Flank, the new playing style.

The differences between the two playing styles was made clearer with the new descriptions.

Prolific winger: A player who positions himself on the wing to receive passes, occasionally cutting into the center when the opportunity arises.

Roaming Flank: A player who tends to cut inside from the wing to receive passes.

Trigger positions for Roaming Flank: RWF, LWF, RMF, LMF.

This playing style would be helpful for the more technically gifted and creative players who are better suited for playing on the inside than on the wing. Coming into the half spaces between the middle and the wing allows offensive fullbacks more space to roam, while providing a more dynamic attacking threat overall. This would be great for formations such as 4-2-3-1, where the AMF can be better supported as in real life. Examples of players with this style: Turan, Lingard, Mata

Personally I think this is a good addition as this makes some players much more useful. Also, PES 2018 did not really have any proper player styles for RMF/LMFs to simulate how they play in real life.

Cross Specialist (New)
Trigger positions: RWF, LWF, RMF, LMF

A player who hugs the touchline, waiting for a chance to cross the ball in.

Simple to understand, the player stays wide instead of cutting in so that they can have more opportunities to cross. Examples of players with this style: Beckham, Quaresma, Milner

Not many players of this type exist nowadays in the modern era, but at least it means players like Beckham don't have to be stuck with box-to-box or Classic no. 10 which don't really represent him.

Quite a few fullbacks, mostly LBs, have this playing style. However I would like to point out that this playing style does not activate at LB or RB. Therefore, most of the time you would have to play the player as a LMF in a 3 CB formation, as a wing back if you want to make use of the player style well.

Classic no. 10
A commonly misunderstood player style of PES 2018. A player with this playing style does not make many forward runs, and focuses on a smaller area of play which suits his technical ability. In possession, the player often only moves to be a passing option when his teammate has the ball and does not have a good option to pass to. This is often more useful for a possession based system than a counter attacking one, as it encourages quick but short exchanges in small areas of the pitch.



This is the website I used for reference: استیل هامون

This addition makes a lot of sense because the SS position isn't entirely distinct from the AMF position and this allows certain SS to be the focal point of the attack. Players with this style: Maradona, Ronaldinho, Iniesta, Banega

Hole Player


The change is very slight. It makes more sense for players who play multiple positions including SS, such as Cruyff. However I find the idea very similar to a Goal Poacher SS like Griezmann. My interpretation is that in the creation phase of an attack, the Goal Poacher SS will focus on his duty to score, while the Hole Player SS will still act as a normal SS. At a later stage closer to the goal, the Hole Player will be making runs to get into shooting position while the Goal Poacher will revert to a normal role because the line is too low to be beaten. I must say I'm not too satisfied with this explanation because it is too theoretical and the differences are too subtle. Examples of Hole Players: Isco (no longer box-to-box), Reus (does not activate at LWF), James Rodriguez, Thiago A., Ramsey



Most of you would already know what a Box-to-box player does, he goes from box to box. While this makes the most sense for CMF, some sense for RMF/LMF, it was a bit confusing for AMF. Isn't an AMF who runs up and down the field just a CMF? However I found that to be untrue because the AMF is still mostly situated in an advanced position, but he also adds to numbers in defence, often being a decent outlet out of pressure immediately after the ball is won back near your box. He also gets into the box more.

So how would this apply for a DMF? Going down the list, the first Box-to-box DMFs I see are Illaramendi, Hutchinson, and Glushakov. Not very helpful is it. I've inferred that this change was made for those players who play as a DMF for various reasons such as their long passing ability, defensive ability or the lack of a better DMF in their team, but are useful in the final third due to their attacking prowess, low passing or finishing.

The main issue here would be that you can longer force a box-to-box CMF to stay back by putting him as DMF, like you would with players like Matuidi and Paulinho when you needed some defensive coverage and didn't really have a proper DMF.

The Destroyer


This is an interesting change, as now the people who mistakenly thought Pepe's The Destroyer playing style activated at CB would now be correct. Not too sure how well this will work out. A Destroyer is willing to forgo his defensive positioning at the right time to apply immediate pressure to an opponent who is about to be passed to. This would make for more interesting defensive systems compared to before as CB's playing styles were previously not very significant. An example of a system that could emulate real life tactics would be a stopper-sweeper pair with 2 CBs, one being the one engaging in tackles while the other would cover behind him. This could also be applicable to a 3 CB formation with some adjustment.

Orchestrator (New) and Build Up
Build Up Old: DMF, RB, CB, LB

Build Up New: CB

Orchestrator: CMF, DMF

While Build Up didn't really make sense for RB and LB and was thus removed, DMF Build Up was replaced by Orchestrator.

Orchestrator: A player who lurks in deeper positions, ready to initiate attacks.

In essence for a DMF this would be an opportunity for players with exceptional passing ability to be involved in moving the ball to stretch opponents' defences as well as to pick pinpoint long passes. Such a player could drop between 2 CBs, making them spread wider to allow the fullbacks to get higher up the pitch.

For a CMF, the idea is similar, however this allows one to give the responsibility of creating attacks from deep to a player who they are not willing to play as DMF. To simplify things, in PES 2018 one could play Kroos as a DMF to activate Build Up. However, his defensive stats weren't up to the mark and would be a liability if you weren't able to maintain majority of the possession. In PES 2019 one could activate this at CMF with Orchestrator.

Examples of Orchestrators: Kroos, Fekir (does not activate at AMF), Pjanic, Jorginho, Gundogan, Sigurdsson (does not activate at AMF)

Examples of Build Up players: Hummels, Umtiti, Bonucci and many other CBs who have good or decent passing ability

Full-back Finisher (New)
Trigger positions: RB, LB

An attacking full-back who enjoys joining the attack in high central areas.

Seems like a madman's tactic, which means I'll definitely be trying it out. Typical fullbacks stay on the flanks to cross. These are commonly fullbacks who have dribbling or shooting ability in addition to typical fullback abilities. Examples of players with this style: Marcelo, Marcos Alonso (does not activate at LMF), van Aanholt, Schlupp, Ryan Sessegnon (does not activate at LWF)

Goalscoring Goalkeeper
... Just kidding.

Hope this was useful, if I missed out anything or if anything was not clear enough, do point it out as well!