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*NEW* Hulkamaphone's 2008/09 PES5 OPT v1.3


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Hi guys, sorry its been a while since I've replied to your comments but I've been loving PES2009 too much at the moment!!

Sorry mo7hamed, as I have bought a PS3 and PES2009 I wont be updating the PES5 option file anymore... I hope what has been done is still sufficient, unless someone else has managed to bring out a new file!!


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Hello hulkamaphone !


I have problems with your -xsv file and tried several times to copy it to the 5.....folder and replace it, but the max drive software can'T copy it to the memory card.

Please, can you make a ZIP file and upload ist on megaupload ?

please please please !!!!!!!



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Please reupload of for xbox in first post, because I can't download it ( Other files I can download).

EDIT : Nevermind, megaupload has a prob. .. ;/


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work like a cham in my xbox... without fucking maxdrive... :D

xbe patched i gues...

but, FMJR00 v1.2 PES5 OF - 08/09 SEASON - VERY ACCURATE is better ;) more newer...

sorry my crappy english :p


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Yeah my file is quite old now... not to mention that most of the teams outside of the prem league where not 100% accurate anyway! But at the time there was no other option files, which is why I decided to post mine that I used.

Thanks for the feedback.


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hey, if nobody can convert FMJR00 v2.0 PES5 OF - 2009 Plus Latin America to max drive ps2 file, can anybody post the correct download link for this max drive ps2 file? it is not correct in hulkamaphones first post, its a link to the xbox version :(