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New PES6 info - New Teams etc (confirmed as lies)


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Flac said:
There's nothing listed there thats unbeliveable no big step up's in the system,seabass already said he reached the limit of what he can do with the ps2...expect this game to be a refinifement of the system with just alot of "cool" new things added in.

I expect they are focusing much more on the ps3 incarnation of pes and hardly botrhering with we 10 since as I said before they've pretty muched reached the limit of what the ps2 can to maximise there profits they'll release this game and just have alot of new features such as the ones me on this.

Look at this thread:

The article Zygalski posted doesn't mention anything about Man Utd being licensed.

I bet there are more suprises in store.


Most likely...they have to give compensation since this game should be very similar to pes 5.


It does make sense,it's not going to alter too much gameplay wise they can't just ship out a new game that's hardly differnt,so there just going to pack it with new features such as licenses and new modes,stadiums etc.

Just enough new features to pass off as a new game....of course it will play better then the previous incarnation,but It won't differ to greatly there finished with the ps2 so they won't have spent much time on the mechanics of this game cause it's a waste of there time at this stage.