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New Trailor .... Awesome !


Registered User
love the way the nets seem to be the same colour as the home team shirts!

Red and White or Black and white


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looks good, god knows how the bit at 1.50 got in though, its just awful positioning from the keeper. rest of the skills moves are nice. boots look tidy and you get to see the dutch faces which somebody has been asking about...and the champions league within the ML is something we wanted last year at least thats in there!


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good vid but wtf is the keeper doing at 1:52. I cant believe that made it into the vid.

Did they confirm 2v2 near the end?

At 3:05 was that new commentary?


Registered User
Ah i wish PES2010 would come with the Japanese commentary! Its so much better than the English


Registered User
Thanks! This is a pretty good vid as it shows a few things. I wish we could have something like this in english though coz i just simply cant understand japanese lol.


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Look at 1.54.... Nice move by Valdez...

What astonishes me is that it made all the way to a promotion trailer....

P.S: Where's the trailor?

The Liverpool Way

Registered User
Thanks for uploading. Altough I could'nt understand a word it said, it was still a goof trailer to watch.

Anyone know if there is an English translated version of this?