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OMG, what happened to this game?


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After being absent during nearly 4 PES, I come back with PES 2021, thanks to the PSN Holiday sale.
What can I say about this game. The classic solid feel of PES gameplay is there, but sadly it's still hidden below the same annoying AI interference and stupid pause from your own teammates.
I guess they are never going to fix it eh?
I took me a few games to get used to different style of defending, almost FIFA like with the jockey system, except you use R2 instead of L2.
What happened to doing feints with the right analog stick?
What happened to shielding the ball while running with the right analog stick? It was so intuitive back then in PES 2014. Now, you have to use the same analog that you use to sprint to shield the ball.
Also the mechanic is so stupid, since in real life, when you shield the ball while running away from the guy that marks you, you put pressure towards the other guy.
In this game, you put pressure AWAY.

Don't get me started about teammate AI.
In order for you pass accurately in this game, you must learn how to use manual passing because everything basic goes to the opposite team's leg.
Also, rebounds go most of the time to the opposite team.

It's so hard to make plays in this game, when your teammates refuse to go for open spaces.
Instead they hide behind the defenders.

So frustrating.