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[PC] Project Patch Classic


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Good morning everyone. Maybe my odd way of writing, but because I am Brazilian, lol. So I'm preparing a patch for myself alone alone and playing with my friends, I am gathering information, uniform faces and all the clubs to ride a classic patch. I'll explain as I do. I want to form teams with star players who have played at a high level of 94 to the present day. For example: suppose Maradona retired in 1994 (which was not what happened, he retired in 98), he will enter the patch, yes, but will go with the stats according to what he played at the club, with age, etc.. I want to play all the classics, but nothing to repeat times (as you can see in several patches out there, like "El grande patch"). I'll put here some big Brazilian clubs and their squads.

Flamengo: 4-3-3

1 - J.César 2 - Léo Moura, 3 - Juan, 4 - and 6 Junior Baiano - Athirson; 5 - Beto, 8 - and 10 Ibson - Petkovic, 7 - Bebeto, 11 - and 9 Savio - Emperor Hadrian.
Bank: Bruno, R.Angelim, F.Baiano, Renato Augusto, Toró, Nelio, Obina, Jonathan, Iranildo, R.Mendes, Lee, Luiz Alberto, Alessandro, Williams, Roger Guerreiro, Felipe Melo, Diego, Jean Fernando, Juan (lateral).

Vasco: 4-4-2

1 - Carlos Germano, 2 - Fagner, 3 - Dede, 4 - and 6 Mauro Galvão - Felipe, 5 - Válber, 8 - Juninho, 9 - and 10 Pedrinho Ramon, 7 - and 11 Edmundo - Romario.
Bank: Helton, Odvan, Gilberto, Philippe Coutinho, Morais, Sorato, Valdir Mustache, Maurice, Vagner, Léo Lima, Alex Oliveira, Romulo, Leandro Avila, Marica, A.Torres, NASA, Jorginho Paulista, Alex Teixeira, Wagner Diniz Pimentel, Luizinho.

Corinthians: 4-4-2

1 - Dida, 2 - Roger, 3 - Potatoes, 4 - and 6 Gamarra - Kleber, 5 - Vampeta, 8 - Rincon, 7 - and 10-M.Carioca Neto, 11 - and 9 Edilson - Luizão.
Bank: Amaral, Viola, Gilmar Cornmeal, Edu, Ewherton, Sylvinho, Ronaldo (Goalkeeper), M.Paulista, Elias, Jucilei, Tooth, B.Cesar, William (Shaktar), Ralf, Paulinho, Celio Silva, Cris, Doni, Zé Elias, Rubens, Tupãzinho.

Palmeiras: 4-3-3

1 - Mark 2 - Arce, 3 - Antonio Carlos, 4 - and 6 Roque Junior - R.Carlos, 5 - Cesar Sampaio, 8 - and 10 Mazinho - Rivaldo, 7 - Euller, 11 - and 9 Asprilla - Evair.
Bank: Velloso, D.Cavalieri, Junior, Algiers, Valdivia, Michael Munoz, Correa, M.Guerreiro, V.Love, Clébão, Agnaldo Liz, Thiago Gentil, Taddei, Galeano, Paul Assunção, Thiago Matias, Lopes, F.Conceição, Pierre, Zinho.

Sao Paulo: 4-4-2

1 - R.Ceni 2 - Cafu, 3 - Lugano, 4 - and 6 Edmilson - Serginho, 5 - F.Simplicio, 11 - Julio Baptista, 8 - and 10 Kaka - Rai, 11 - and 9 Muller - L.Fabiano .
RESERVATIONS: Denilson, Lucas, Ilsinho, Juninho Paulista, Zetti, Caio Ribeiro, Belletti, Souza, Rodrigo, Denilson (VOL), Borges, F.Santos, Jean (defender), Richarlyson, France, Miranda, Bordon, F.Aurélio, Sandro Hiroshi, M.Santos, Edu

Santos: 4-3-3

1 - Fabio Costa, 4 - Maurinho, 2 - Algiers, 6 - Alex and 3 - Leo, 5 - M.Assunção, 8 - and 10 Elano - Goose; 7 - Robinho, 9 - and 11 Giovanni - Neymar.
Reservations: Diego, Robert, R.Souto, Wesley, Andrew, A.Luiz, Maikon Leite, Baiano, Tumble Alessandro Gallo, Nene, Claudiomiro, Narciso, Eduardo Marques, P.Almeida, Albert, Julius Caesar, Danilo, Zé Eduardo , Black, Rafael (goalkeeper).

I have great difficulties in setting up the squads, until there is a site that pq is great for search teams, which is the, my big problem is the uniforms and faces. I like to do something good, do not want to make a patch and put a star such as Romario and he has the face of a default player of the game, I do not want ... so if someone stand ready to help in any way (preferably with sides and even "kits"), I appreciate it a lot! Or any other help will be welcome, after all going to be a lot of work this project!
And with a lot of patience and tweaking here and there, I will surely provide this patch for all of the forum here! Anyway ... thanks in advance!