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[PC] PS2 controller Issue-Automatic kicking of the ball


Registered User
Can some one please tell me where the option to change the controller setup modes has gone on the PC version? This was avaliable in settings>button config but with the new GUI is no longer there.

This is preventing me from sorting out the automatic kicking of the ball. In 09 you had to change it to mode 1 and all was fine. There are no settings in the settings.exe to change these modes either.

This is preventing me from playing the game that i have bought. Please get back to me asap with a work around ie editing a text file or dat file or issue a patch so that i can receive the ball and pass to a player without the computer AI kicking it in the North west direction. 7

Please bring back the option in the button config to alter the mode selection that was in 09.

I am using the Play USB converter with a PS2 controller via the ESM driver if that information helps but i believe its more to do with the lack of GUI options in game for the controller setup. We need more than just the option to change the buttons


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I too have an USB adapter for the PS2 controller on the PC...

And I have no issues!

Try to find another driver for the adapter....