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PC/PS2 PES 3 Juventino OF


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This year, it'll be the 20th anniversary of the Pro Evolution 3 release. To celebrate this, I've created an option file for those who would like to (re-)discover this little gem.

As for almost all my option files, I've only changed the visual aspects (real names, kits, ...) and I've not touched the other aspects (ex : stats, transferts, ...) in order to keep the original gameplay from the vanilla release. This option file can also be used as a starting point for more edit.

For this file, I did a lot of research, especially to retrieve the emblems from the clubs in their 2003-04 version. I've then converted the vectors to png compatible with the Pro Evolution Soccer 3 option file. I also spent some time in the research for the kits too. Note that the editing option for the kits was rather limited in Pro Evolution Soccer 3 and I tried my best to approximate the kits.

Here're the features of this option file :
- Real club names
- Real club logos
- Real player names
- Commentary names for fake named players having a real named alter-ego in game
- Real stadium names
- Updated kits for national teams
- Updated kits for clubs incl. PES United (Adidas) and WE United (Lotto) with their original colors








Downloads :
- PC version with cups and shop items locked
- PC version with cups and shop items unlocked
- PS2 European version with cups and shop items locked
- PS2 European version with cups and shop items unlocked



  • PC PES 3 Juventino OF
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  • PC PES 3 Juventino OF
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  • PS2 PES 3 Juventino OF
    605.7 KB · Views: 1
  • PS2 PES 3 Juventino OF
    605.6 KB · Views: 2
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I've received the feedback thatthe PS2 unlocked version did not actually have the shop items unlocked.
I've thus unlocked them again via the editor and re-uploaded the option file.


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I reverted stadium names Cuito Cuanavale and Amerigo Atlantis to their original names since I really think that these stadiums are fakes ones.

Also, Nou Camp has been renamed Camp Nou.
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