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Pes 09 Favourite Trick!


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To clarify - I double checked and the other attribute that affects the roulette in PES6 is Agility, not dribble speed.

Now, it seems clear to me that the real problem with the moves, including the roulette, in 09 is that every player does them when it comes to some moves, but not many can when it comes to others; and neither is right, in my opinion.

In PES6, a player needed a dribble acc of 90 to do the 90 degree turn. Now every player has it. Roulettes, too, used to be better because every player could attempt them, but only players with enough technique, dribble acc, and agility could pull them off. That was the way it should have stayed IMO, and all tricks should be like that - i.e. any player can try them, but only those with the right combination of stats can pull them off regularly. In general I'd like to see more failed dribbles in PES, and that would be a way of achieving that.

The 90 degree turn, also, should be a separate move that you do only when you want to (they could make it a fake shot combined with a 90 degree turn movement on the D pad, or some better way of making it intentional, not something every player does whether they want to or not when they turn 90 degrees).

Completely agree... and that's How I expected the game to improve.

I expected to have more or less the same Controls and Concepts for the Dribbling Tricks and such. But with New Stats such as "Roulette", "Cutting the Ball", "Shielding the Ball", "Flicking the Ball", "Step Overs", and so on.

Needless to say, it didn't happened. Instead Konami made it even simpler and more one-dimensional. I just don't get what's so great about "Next Gen" consoles.