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PES 15 offline multiplayer tournaments


New Member
I've bought the PES 15 for PS3 and i am very disappointed because i can't play with my friends the way we used to because PES 15 dont have that feature.

This feature is on the cups like konami cup or international cup where each one of us pick a team and then when we are playing we play against each other and not the computer. For example if it's player1 team he plays against player 2 and 3.

But this year we can only choose player1 team side. And i cant understand why!!
This is why i bought the game and thats why the game sucks for me...
Besides that, way better than PES 14!

PS: I can´t be the only one who plays like this...

Cyrus II

Registered User
I feel you brother, this is exactly what I'm missing also :( I don't know why Konami has this sadistic approach to offline games and free side selection!!?? I wonder if they have ever bothered to give a proper answer to this! Really stupid and meaningless restriction from Konami.


Registered User
This happens also to PES2016 in Ps4.

Is there any workaround to it?
I read there is some script to fix it on PC


Registered User
offline multiplayer

No one else feeling the pain??

Any workaround? PES on PS4 is unusable if you only play offline.