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PES 2008 08/09 for PS3


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Nice Kits! Any chance you could make me the new Leeds United 08/09 home kit please

would appreciate.



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pes2009 patches

Can anybody please make Latvian football clubs like Skonto,F.KDaugava,F.K RigaSkonto,Riga,Liepajas Metalurgs,F.K Venstpils,F.K Vindava???????????:crymore:
please xxxx


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leeds kit

Mate i cant make kits right now i have problems at the minute and i just dont have the time to do it sorry!
would really like that leeds kit too, do i have to type in every name of each leeds player or is there a game save knocking about thanks


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Can you update this again?

This is the kits for PES 2008 for the PS3, the kits are Arsenals home/away, Chelseas home/away, Liverpools home/away and manutd home/away!

Here is the link for the

****but i recommend downloading LFCPower's (PowerLFC) option file when he updates it or even now if you want and dont use the kits he has at the moment and use the other stuff and then when the update comes out you can use his!!, it have these kits but all the transfers and other things!****
The link is gone. Can someone upload it again on megaupload. Thanks